Hanson stopped by Austin on their Wintry Mix tour!

I got to see Hanson in concert last night! I have been thinking about it all day, but am just now getting a chance to sit down and write a little bit about it.

Anyway, I have been a Hanson fan since “MMMBop” hit the radio waves in 1997 and being a Hanson fan is how I met so many of my friends then… and they are still my friends now!

I didn’t get to see Hanson in concert during those early years, but I did see them when I was in college. After college, I got tickets to see them again in New Orleans, but my friend and I got carried away at dinner… only to walk into the venue as they were saying “Thank you, New Orleans!” Ugh.

So, when I saw this lil Wintry Mix tour on Instagram, I immediately bought a ticket. I mean, it was Hanson and they were going to sing some of their Christmas songs! I love, love, LOVE their holiday albums!

However, I bought the ticket a few months ago, so I put it in the back of my mind, and I’ll admit, after flying in from San Francisco Saturday afternoon, I was slow to get ready for a Sunday night concert.

But, I wanted to get their early — I’d learned my lesson. As soon as I walked in and saw the stage with the giant HANSON sign behind it, my fatigue disappeared and I was excited. I made a beeline for the merch stage and bought a hoodie and a Christmas ornament. Yeee!

The first opening act was Joshua & The Holy Rollers — a trio that really rocked the stage. They had some bangers and the crowd was into them. They were all wearing suits, which looked cool.

During the break between opening acts, a woman next to me told me that Joshua & The Holy Rollers was Mac Hanson’s band — Joshua Mac Hanson being one of Zac, Taylor and Isaac’s younger siblings. He was born during the height of their fame and well, the fact that he’s 24 now and shredding an electric guitar blows my mind!

Paul McDonald was the second opening act and he’s a singer from Nashville. He said this was his third time touring with Hanson. He played an acoustic guitar and had an accompanying pianist and he was good, but I’ll say by this time I was ready to see Hanson.

They came out around 9pm and opened with “Finally It’s Christmas” from their 2017 holiday album. They also sang “Lost Without Each Other”, “Where’s the Love”, “Crazy Beautiful”, “What Christmas Means to Me”, “White Christmas”, “Run Rudolph Run”, “A Minute Without You”, “Get the Girl Back”, “Merry Christmas Baby” and of course, “MMMBop”, among a few others.

They put on an AMAZING show that was almost two hours, including a two-song encore.

As I was jumping up and down, completely sober, I realized the beauty in something like this: pure, innocent joy. No politics. Not much money. No real frills. Just songs about being the best version of yourself. Because in an MMMBop it’s gone!

But really though, this was the best Christmas gift I think I’ve given myself in a very long time.

Now, if you need me, I’ll be listening to Hanson holiday…

Merry Christmas babyyyyy, happy new year…

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