A Review: IGK No More Blow.

I just got back from San Francisco yesterday afternoon and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I slept during the entire four-hour flight, slept for three more hours when I got home, and then had a 10-hour sleep. I finally feel rested… whew!

I am so excited for today’s review because this is a product that I honestly never knew existed (until I stumbled across it online); I’m reviewing “No More Blow” by IGK, which is a high speed air dry spray. Here’s the scoop:

Advanced Flash Cooling Technology and a blend of lightweight, invisible starches absorb moisture to help hair air dry hair up to 46% faster. Hair dries faster, which means less bending, frizz, and breakage. Perfect for all hair types, especially curly or textured hair prone to damage.

I have been wanting to try IGK products for a bit and they went on sale at Ulta, so I bought this one and Trust Issues, which is an instant scalp rebalancing treatment. I have colored hair, which fades really easily, so I don’t often blow-dry my hair, but the No More Blow cuts down on air dry time as well. Score!

I’ve used it a few times for air drying and once for blow drying and I have been… blown away (ha!) by how big of a difference it really makes. I’ve been told my hair is really porous, so it sucks up color and water… making drying it a real pain. Even when I’m at the salon, my stylist always says she forgets how long it takes to dry my hair.

So, this kind of product is pretty amazing. To use, spray on towel-dried hair and massage through hair from root to tip. When I’ve used it, I left my hair in a towel for around 30 minutes, then sprayed it, and then either continued to air-dry or blow-dried it.

The only negative that I’d mention on this product is the smell: it’s absolutely nothing horrible, but it’s more of a chemical smell than anything pleasant. However, the scent doesn’t stick to your hair, so I’d say it’s a pretty small downside.

Now that I know this type of product exists, I searched for similar products from other brands. DryBar actually has a Jump Start serum, which I have a sample of, but haven’t tried yet.

Have you ever used a product like this? What has been your experience?

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