An affordable coworker gift idea.

Cheers! I am headed back to San Francisco tomorrow for work — mostly to attend a holiday party — but of course, meetings and some work-related things as well. But, for awhile now, I’ve been thinking about small gifts for the team I’ve been working with SO much since September.

Some of my most-favorite gifts have come from coworkers — I have some “John Mayer Garland” a coworker made me, using plastic ornaments and printouts of John Mayer’s head strung on red ribbon, and I hang it in my apartment every year. I also have ornaments for my tree and candleholders that I still use, all from coworkers over the years.

I wanted to get them something useful, but also support a small business. So, I searched on Etsy for custom cups. There were a TON of options! Based on price, look and overall color options, I went with a store called DNS Creations Co, based out of Long Beach.

The store owner sells various tumblers with the colors I was looking for — I got a marble one, a light blue and a light pink — and prints whatever word or name you want in the color of your choice. I got one for each of my team members with their name on the cup. Total, I spent $17 on each cup.

The cups arrived in less than a week, which was less than the time listed on the website. When the cups were delivered, they looked beautiful! They turned out great and they each came with a lid and a matching straw.

I wanted to fill the cups with goodies, so I bought some Jingle Jangle and festive gummies (I got the Scandinavian mix of trees, stars and ornaments, and the champagne gummies) from Trader Joe’s. I put the chocolate treats in little bags (from Dollar Tree, secured with wire) and the gummies in little bags, and stuffed them into each cup.

I made custom tags for the goodie bags using my Trader Joe’s paper bags. I used another tag as a stencil, cut out the tags and then used red and green markers to write what was inside the goodie bags and draw Holly leaves and berries.

I’d also purchased a three-pack of Burt’s Bees (a brand on my Ethical, Feel-Good Gift Guide) holiday lip balm, so I put one into each cup.

When it’s time to give them to my coworkers, I’ll put them each into a gift bag with tissue paper. I am so excited to give these — I just love the way everything came together!

I spent about $25 on each gift, which I feel is pretty good for a custom cup filled with treats! However, you could get cups from the store; I know many boutiques or shops sell tumblers with letters on them, or just find a cute design.

Fill it with candy, or tie on a $5 gift card to a local coffee shop and you’re good to go!

Of course, I think this would make a good gift for a friend, too. What kinds of things are you gifting your coworkers? Or friends?

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