What I’m thankful for this year.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully you’re off somewhere with family and/or friends and the turkey is already in the oven… but perhaps you’ve escaped for a moment of peace. I am still in bed, determined to get some sort of rest this weekend, but I’m ready to eat!

I have been thinking a lot over the past week about what I’m thankful for, and of course, I am thankful for my friends and family.

But this year has been so different than years before, so my list of thanks is a reflection of that.

I’m really thankful for all of my clients. It’s been almost an entire year since I decided to go out on my own, and there’s so many people out there who put their faith in me, and made it possible for me to pay bills this year.

I’m thankful for the people I’ve gotten to work with. I have learned so much this year and have gotten to know some great people along the way.

I am also thankful for everyone that’s taught me something — my entire life. Every experience, every lesson, every class… it’s all added up to the person I am and my knowledge as a writer, and without that… well, I’d be super depressed and homeless.

I am thankful for dance, yoga, meditation, and a place to walk. I have relied on all of these things to aid in my mental health this year and I’m not sure where I’d be without them. I am also thankful that other helpful aids are accessible to me: healthy foods, vitamins, CBD oils, etc. I reach for these things to keep me physically and mentally healthy and I am so grateful they are within reach.

I am thankful for my kitty Blanche and her health. I’m not ashamed to be a cat lady, and I am aware that I possibly love my cat too much, but she is a part of my daily life, and my friend! I rely on her for comfort and emotional support, and she is such a fun companion. I am grateful I was able to adopt her and allowed me to care for her over the years.

I am thankful for all of my blogging students and for techie tools that allow us all to share our passions with the world. Writing and blogging makes me feel good, and I’m thankful we can all create outlets for the things on our hearts.

I’m thankful for entrepreneurs, strong women, and the adventurous ones. This year has been made possible by other strong women, some are business owners, some hustlers, some are adventurists or creatives, and I wouldn’t have survived some days without the encouragement I get from them.

I am certain there’s more that I’m just not thinking of… but I am feeling grateful for everything today, and I hope there’s things and people and experiences you can reflect on with gratitude during this season.

Have a safe and happy holiday!

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