Juice shot roundup!

I spent a solid two hours writing this post… only to have my WordPress app crash and I lost the entire thing! So, here we go again.

I started buying juice shots in September when my work schedule ramped up, in an effort to boost my immunities and (hopefully) keep myself from getting sick. So, I’ve been trying various ones and wanted to share my thoughts on all of them in case you’ve been eyeing ALL of the juice shots at the store.

Vive Organic

I saw these at Whole Foods and they were on sale, so I bought two and then liked them so much, I went right back and bought a few more!

Immunity Boost (original)

This power-packed blend of roots, fruits and flowers is the ultimate immune system strengthener. Whether your immunity is weakened by fatigue from travel, work induced stress, or changes in the weather, these ingredients work together to fight for you!

  • High concentration of Ginger and Turmeric Root to kick start immunity
  • Black Pepper aids absorption of the powerful Curcumin compound found in Turmeric
  • Echinacea is cold-pressured, to ensure that its healing properties are delivered in the most pure and efficient form
  • Pineapple and Ginger unite in harmony to create a delicious flavor with a bite

I did not expect this one to be spicy, but it was! That black pepper provides quite the after-burn!

Immunity Boost + Elderberry

Less kick, more zing.  This concentrated berry, fruit, and root tonic has your back when you most need it.

  • High concentration of Ginger and Turmeric Root to kick start immunity
  • Black Pepper aids absorption of the powerful Curcumin compound found in Turmeric
  • Elderberry, named by herbalists who regarded it as a wise, “elder”, is a powerful purple berry traditionally used to activate the innate immune response
  • Tangy goodness of cold-pressed Pomegranate juice helps balance out the spicy pepper for a little less kick than our original

I have never been a fan of berry-flavored things, so I didn’t love this one, but it’s definitely not as spicy as the original or the cayenne.

Immunity Boost + Cayenne

Coconut Water with a kick!  These all-star ingredients work together to spice up your immune system.

  • High concentration of cold pressed Ginger Root and Turmeric Root to kick start immunity
  • Black Pepper aids absorption of the powerful Curcumin compound found in Turmeric
  • Cayenne heats it up. Capsaicin, the active ingredient in cayenne peppers, has also been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicines to spark circulation and appetite
  • Coconut water, naturally low in sugar, helps ensure this is our lowest calorie offering

Okay, this one isn’t as bad as you likely think it is. This is one I bought again! I will also note that this one has coconut water in it, which I HATE, and I couldn’t taste it 🙂

Wellness Rescue

Our blend of super herbs and organic citrus packs a punch when you need it. Take 1-3 shots to support a speedy recovery (especially when you’re in a miserable condition!)

Contains your daily dose of grapefruit seed extract, first cold pressured oil of oregano and elderberry, medium concentration of ginger and cayenne pepper.

This one was the best-tasting one of the bunch! I didn’t take it while sick, though — I just used it for preventative measures.

Trader Joe’s

Once I tried the Vive Organic shots and liked them, I bought the ones from Trader Joe’s. Honestly, niether flavor sounded great, but I often put my faith in TJ’s.

Mighty Turmeric

This one has coconut water, turmeric, lemon juice, and a pinch of black pepper. Now that I’ve tried more turmeric with all of these different shots, I am feeling more brave to try some of Kristin Cavallari’s recipes for turmeric’s lattes.

No Joke Ginger

This one has coconut water, ginger, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. I was really nervous to take this one because I’m not a fan of ginger… but it wasn’t bad! Both of these were good, and I’ll likely buy again, They were $1.99 each, which is the least-expensive I’ve seen (the average price seems to be $2-$4).

Vital Proteins

I have tried Vital Proteins flavorless collagen powder — you can put it in water, coffee, juice, and it is completely undetectable! So, when I saw these shots at Sprout’s, I was excited to try them.

Glow Collagen Shot

We’re all about that dew. Get a quick beauty boost anywhere, anytime with our strawberry lemon elixir touting 7g collagen peptides, 60mg of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and biotin.

Cleanse Collagen Shot

Looking to shape up your collagen routine? Packed with 7g of collagen peptides, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and raspberry juice, it’s the ideal wellness aid when you’re on the move.

I think these were the best-tasting ones I’ve tried — very juicy and nothing spicy, but I didn’t necessarily think these would offer immunity. I also assumed these were the only two kinds Vital Proteins made… until I looked on their website and saw they offer four others: Sleep, Zen, Defense and Restore… and I want to try them ALL!

Pura Vida Juicery

Pura Vida Juicery is local to Austin, Texas, and I went there for the first time over the weekend. They have coffee, avocado toast, smoothies, fresh juice and açai bowls. I got an açai bowl and it was impressive!

In the fridge near the cashier was also some juice shots. They had four kinds: Immunity, Daily Health, Hydration and Challenge. I got one of each and finished my last one this morning — they were ALL delicious, especially the Daily Health. They were $3 each and camd in glass bottles, which you can return and get $.25 off your next juice shot.

If there is a locally-owned juice shop near you, I would encourage you to stop in and see if they offer their own shots, especially if you’re considering adding them into your daily routine. I like the idea of supporting local folks (and I believe Pura Vida is owned by a woman) and I can return the glass bottles instead of continuing to buy the plastic ones.

Final Thoughts on juice shots

Honestly, it’s hard-telling if juice shots make much of a difference, although I haven’t gotten sick! I don’t think they would hurt, that’s for sure, I enjoy taking them, and trying new flavors and brands. I take one in the morning before I ingest anything else. I like to think that I’m giving my gut a good jumpstart to the day!

However, I think you could approach it from a wallet-friendly and ecofriendly way by purchasing a larger bottle of cold pressed juice, or even Drinking Vinegar, I’ve seen Drinking Vinegar at Trader Joe’s and it is slightly flavored, so it’s probably easier to swallow over straight ACV (which I’ve also tried, and is pretty brutal, although has great health benefits).

When I was at Sprout’s, they also had bottles of “Gut Shot” in the aisle near the Kombucha, I haven’t purchased it (yet), but I think it’s very similar to kombucha and you just pour yourself a shot.

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