A Review: BareMinerals Claymates Mask Duo Be Bright & Be Firm.

I meant to post this yesterday, or at least, much sooner than now, but all of the sudden last night, I started to feel like I was coming down with a sore throat or a bad cold. As a kid, I always got sick around the holidays, but that doesn’t happen much since I stopped eating meat and make a little bit better of attempts to care for myself.

But, as my throat started to feel worse and worse, I quickly started to realize just how awful that would make my week — I’d be sick while working (including teaching a two-hour class Tuesday night) — and would have to use my holiday break to get better.

Not acceptable! So, I made some tea, dug out my cough drops, and took an epsom salt bath. I got into bed and put on some homemade vapor rub (coconut oil + rosemary + peppermint + eucalyptus oils) and took a sleep aid. I woke-up 12 hours later to eat, and went back to sleep… and woke up at 4 pm feeling almost back to normal.

I feel guilty that I slept the entire day away, but sometimes you have to put a halt on things to take care of yourself!

Anyway, I am finally ready to review another BareMinerals product — it’d been awhile since I bought a new one. I love this brand and am always excited to try new stuff, so I’d been eyeing this for awhile: BareMinerals Claymates Mask Duo. I got the Be Bright & Be Firm one, but it was not an easy decision 🙂

I took the plunge after seeing a gift set on sale at JC Penny over the summer, which had the full-size duo plus two travel size jars for $25. Great deal! Here’s the scoop on the mask duo:

Claymates Mask Duo Be Bright & Be Firm from bareMinerals is a multi-masking duo of mineral-rich clay masks in one jar infused with fruit extracts to help brighten and firm skin.

Customize your masking routine with these two complimentary formulas that work to target specific skin concerns. Both masks contain mineral-rich clays to help purify and refine the skin.

The purple Be Bright mask is infused with Pomegranate Extract and Papaya Enzymes to gently exfoliate, with a slight tingling, to reveal your most bright, fresh looking complexion. Try on areas that need brightening and exfoliation, such as the T-zone or chin. Skin is left looking brighter and refreshed.

The green Be Firm mask is infused with Kale Seed and Watermelon Extract, giving skin a healthy dose of moisture and a plumped appearance. This hydrating formula helps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and will leave skin looking firmer and lifted. Apply to areas that need a little tightening, such as cheeks and jawline.

Be Bright mask:

• 100% agreed skin looked brighter, more luminous and appeared to be glowing.*

• 100% agreed skin tone looked more even.*

• 100% agreed skin looked awakened and more refreshed.*

Be Firm mask:

• 100% agreed skin felt, looked firmer, and lifted.*

• 100% agreed skin looked contoured.*

• 100% agreed appearance of fine lines and wrinkles were reduced.*

*Based on consumer perception results.

So, you can use one mask on your whole face or put each in places that need specific treatment. I have been doing the latter, putting the green firming mask under my eyes and around my smile lines, and putting the purple, brightening mask everywhere else.

Since I always offer my honest thoughts, I’ll say that I don’t think this is a life-changing skincare product, sadly.

It’s a clay mask and it dries down so it feels itchy, which I used to think was just part of using a clay mask… until I tried some that weren’t! When masks are so dry like that, it makes me wonder if the mask is really doing anything or if it’s just the fact that you have to SCRUB your skin to get it completely rinsed.

I will admit, I didn’t stop everything and use this mask twice per week… I used it periodically about five times over the last few months, so I could be missing out on benefits in that regard.

But, if you’re eyeing this one… I’d wait on it unless it goes on a sale you can’t pass up. I truly have loved every other skincare product of theirs!

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