DIY: How I spruced up my old Christmas wreath.

I feel like so many people are already putting up their Christmas trees, and I am hoping to get mine up soon, too! I didn’t quite have the energy for it this last weekend, but I did take the time to spruce up my old Christmas wreath.

I made this wreath nearly 12 years ago, and I loved it just the way it was for many years. Sometimes, I added lights to it and maybe took away some of the stems or added new ones, but I definitely have used it to its full potential.

Last year, when I hung it on my door, it just wasn’t making me as excited as it has in other years. It was time for a change, but I kept it as it was and made a mental note for this year.

So, when I got a 25% off coupon for Michael’s, I went to see what kind of picks and stems they had. I looked on Pinterest briefly for inspiration, but I wasn’t really quite sure of what I was looking for.

I knew I wanted some of it to be gold, but I wanted to keep some of the evergreen. I wanted to keep my original base as well.

So, I just started grabbing gold stems — I found some gold fur branches, leaves, berries, and miniature poinsettias. I knew I had some spare gold ornaments at home in case I needed more “filler” and went to look for ribbon. This is when I found cream ribbon that had pinecones on it with some gold glitter. Perfect!

I went back down the aisle with all of the picks and they had some solid gold pinecones and some natural-looking ones with a small bit of gold glitter dusted on. I also picked up some metallic gold spray paint and gold spray glitter — keep this in mind if you have current items that simply need a fresh coat of paint or a new color. The large cans of paint are only $7.

All of the holiday stems were 60% off, plus my coupon, and I would definitely recommend watching for a sale because some of those stems were originally $18 each! I made it out under $40, which I felt great about.

When I got home, I started by taking everything out of my original wreath. There were actually items I could save for the “upgrade” including some pieces of greenery and my pair of glittery turtledoves (an homage to “Home Alone 2”).

I covered random bits of the wreath with a plastic bag and started spraying it with the gold paint. While it dried, I snipped my new stems with wire-cutters.

Then, I just started attaching it all. I put the big gold leaves along the back, tucked the gold fur branches in the middle, added the old greenery and turtledoves, and scattered the stems of berries and mini poinsettias. Finally, I added my various gold ornaments and gave the entire thing a spray of gold glitter.

I added the ribbon last, simply looping it around the wreath. I made a bow separate and I didn’t want it to cover any of my wreath, so I just attached it to my front door after I hung the wreath!

I love the way it turned out, and without realizing it, it’s actually more of a “winter wreath”, so I’m going to keep it up after the holidays. Now, if only I could get motivated to dig out the tree…

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