I’m obsessed with Antique Candle Co.!

I think I may have mentioned a time or two that I am trying to make a better effort at shopping small. I’m almost at the one-year mark of working for myself and I’m so appreciative to everyone who gave me a paycheck this year, whether it be for a product in my Etsy Shop or for hours of work, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have been able to pay my bills or invest in myself or my business.

I know what a difference even a small job makes, and I want to do a better job of putting my money in places that support women, local businesses and causes I care about. I’m working on a gift guide that will offer LOADS of places you can shop for the holidays if you’re interested in doing the same (should be right here in about two weeks)!

Aside from stopping my Amazon shopping, I realized another place I could make a difference was by purchasing candles from a small shop instead of from Bath & Body Works. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bath & Body Works, but I drop a decent amount of cash on candles all year and someone else could use that money, I am sure.

I had been eyeing Antique Candle Co. for awhile after a fellow female blogger posted about a collaboration with them (she has her own candle scent). So, I looked at their website and I was surprised to see that a 16-ounce, hand-poured soy wax candle was only $3 more than the three-wicks from the big box company.

When I looked at the company’s About page, I read that this was a company founded by a woman who originally started with just $200 with candle-making equipment five years ago, and they are located in Lafayette, Indiana — not far from where I grew up.


I may or may not have already bought a truckload of candles, and I cannot be stopped. They have sample sets so you can try the scents, so I’ve already gotten the Fall set, Christmas set and the Friends’ Favorites set.

I also bought the 16-ounce jar candles in Apple Pickin’, Back Roads and Autumn Woods (I bought two of these because it is so yummy) and wax melts in Apple Pickin’ and Autumn Woods.

These candles smell better than others I’ve owned — even one fills half my apartment, and the scents are so unique. I am not an apple scent fan, but that Apple Pickin’ literally smells like an orchard.

Did I spend a lot of money on candles? Maybe. But in doing so, I’m supporting a woman-founded company that employs a lot of women, all trying to make a living in my home state! The company was founded on Christian values and supports missionary causes, and I am happy to support those efforts, too.

I also like that they collaborate with female bloggers — currently, there are four different collaborative scents for sale.

During the holidays, I try and give back in a few areas, but by changing the places that I purchase all of my products from (at least, as many as possible), I can kinda give back all year without necessarily spending more money. Plus, it feels good!

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive my boxes from Antique Candle Co. — they are packaged so beautifully, and you get a free sample candle with every shipment!

I am already eyeing my next order, even though one of the 16-hour candles lasts quite awhile and I have three more, ha! But I’m already eyeing a Christmas bundle and possibly one more fall candle… I refuse to give up fall scents before Thanksgiving!

So, there you have it — be on the lookout for my “Shop Small” guide, and if you have small businesses or shops that support causes, let me know and I’ll add them to the guide!

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