20 nude lip options for fall.

Over the summer, Jaclyn Hill announced and released her line of 20 nude lipsticks. I won’t get into what a giant disaster that was, but it got me thinking about how popular nude lip color has become over the last few years.

Although it seems simple, there are millions of different nude shades out there, made to match different skin tones, styles and tastes. There are liquid lipsticks, matte finishes and high glosses. Some have pink undertones, hints of orange or purple origins.

I do love a good nude lip color, which is why I seem to keep buying them! The interesting thing is, part of me always feels slightly guilty when I toss yet ANOTHER nude lip shade into my makeup drawer, but if you pull them all out and compare them, you can see just how different they all are.

So, that’s what I’ve done today. I’m sharing 20 shades of nude, in various textures by different brands — all at varying price points. Maybe you’ll find one for you!

I attempted to list them from lightest to darkest — they are the same swatched on my arm from bottom to top, 1-10 on the left row and 11-20 on the right.

“Nude AF” by Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

This is one of three of Jaclyn’s “So Rich” lipsticks (bullet style) I bought (and eventually was refunded, even though I am perfectly fine with my lipsticks). This one is the lightest shade in the collection and has a creamy, satin finish. ($18)

“Go Wild” by Almay

This is from the Almay #LipVibes collection and it is a bullet lipstick with a matte finish, but its a little sheer, so you can get wilder with the colors. This is a good one to use if you won’t have a mirror. ($4)

“Madeline” by NYX

This is one of NYX’s famous Butter Glosses! Semi-sheer, super buttery and not sticky… these are a total win. They have a sweet scent and are $5.

“Amazeballs” by Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

This one has true neutral undertones and likely fits several different skin tones. This is a bullet-style lipstick with a satin finish. ($18)

“Exposed” by Tarte

This is a Tarte lip paint — basically a liquid lip with a complete matte finish. This matches my lips so perfectly and I really do enjoy liquid lipstick. It dries down and doesn’t transfer color. ($20)

“Sugar Cane” by Laura Geller

Laura Geller never lets me down. This is a soft, creamy lip gloss – not sticky at all, and you can definitely apply it without a mirror. Color is semi-sheer. ($19)

“London” by NYX

I bought this strictly because of the name before my trip to London. It’s a soft matte lip cream (liquid lipstick) and it dries down to a matte finish. ($4)

“Beach Casual” by NYX

This was one of the first nude lipsticks I bought and it’s wonderful! This is a bullet-style velvet-matte lipstick and although its a nude finish, it’s not drying. ($5)

“Ibiza” by Mellow

I got this in my Birchbox and it’s a matte liquid lip paint. A true neutral! ($16)

“Honey” by Smashbox

A TJ Maxx find — I love everything I’ve ever purchased from Smashbox and this is no different. Slight creamy finish, this is a little bit of a burnt-orange undertone, but it’s so pretty. ($22)

“Obsessed” by Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics

This is the darkest shade in the trio I bought, but it’s not “dark” by any means. Perfect shade to wear every day. Satin finish. ($18)

“Sorry, Not Sorry” by Too Faced

Oh boy do I love this one! I am always drawn to corals, even in nail polish… everything. This has a slight coral undertone and is a true matte finish in a lipstick. It has a long, slightly slim shape and I loved the original box in came in so much that I keep it inside still. ($22)

“Beige Bite” by Laura Geller

THIS is my all time favorite, ever!!! This color has slightly orange undertones and dries completely matte and stays on all day, eating, drinking, it never rubs off! It’s a liquid lipstick. ($21)

“Sweet Mamastarr” by MAC

This came in a Patrick Starr makeup set, and it’s a bullet-style cream lipstick. Soft cream finish with incredible pigment. One swipe and you’re set. ($20)

“Be the Boss” by Popsugar

If you’re looking for the BEST gloss, this is it. Great color, incredibly soft feel, and it leaves your lips feeling nourished and hydrated. I am honestly stunned every time I put this one on. ($18)

“Infamous” by BareMinerals

I love BareMinerals and this was the first of their matte liquid lipsticks I ever tried. It’s got a slightly pink undertone and provides complete coverage and a matte finish. ($14)

“Crush” by Anastasia Beverly Hills

This is a liquid lipstick with a satin finish and really, this brand is always impressive. This is a full-coverage lip color, and with all of the full-coverage options, you’ve got to be careful and stay in the lines! ($20)

“Tehran” by Mellow

We’re getting into the darker hues, but this is still a fully neutral-toned shade. Liquid lipstick with a matte finish. ($16)

“Secret Agent” by Lorac

A random Kohl’s find, bullet lipstick with a cream finish. A little bit of a darker shade, but perfect for fall. Semi-sheer coverage. ($19)

“Soft-Spoken” by NYX

This came in a kit — I wouldn’t have chosen this shade for myself, but I’ve worn it to more dressier events and always end up loving it. This is NYX’s Liquid Suede line of liquid lipsticks so it’s not a total matte finish. ($4)

And there’s my collection! I think you can get by with a matte lip all year ’round, but especially in these transitional months. What are some of your favorite nude lip colors?

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