I got my first order from thredUP!

About four years ago, I sold my first batch of clothes through thredUP. I was moving from Baton Rouge to Austin and had enough decent clothes to get rid of, and I could use the cash. I think I saw a commercial for thredUP and decided to give it a try.

Selling Clothes to thredUP

This was pre-Poshmark, but even in the last few months, I’ve sent another two batches of clothes to thredUP because it’s much less of a hassle than Poshmark. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made some great cash on Poshmark, but I hate dealing with the shipping… I enjoy shopping on Poshmark much more 🙂

With thredUP, you can print off a shipping label and mail a bag or a box of your clothes and ship it for free.

In about three weeks, they will have processed your box, and put items online that they can sell. Items they can’t sell are donated or used for other purposes, which I really like.

You can choose to get money in your bank account when the items sell or get a thredUP credit. The first time I sold, I took the cash.

Buying Clothes from thredUP

Dress I bought from thredUP for $10, normal retail $42

But this time, I chose the credit. Because obviously thredUP doesn’t just sell your clothing items, but they have LOADS of clothes, shoes and accessories on their website. A lot of my clothes are from Goodwill, so I have no issue buying used items, and I’m all about doing what I can go help the planet.

They do a really great job of explaining how much the fashion industry adds to our footprint on their website, and by shopping used clothing, you’re cutting down on waste and supporting upcycling projects around the world. It’s really cool!

However, even when things are inexpensive, I love when I can get things for even LESS money. So, I waited until thredUP had a big sale and was also offering free shipping and I made my order.

You can search by brand, size or item. Plus, the description will say how “worn” the item is. I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the items still have tags or were marked as “like new”.

$5 thredUP find suitable for client meetings. Normal retail price $25.

I ordered all items from Old Navy — a cute bubblegum pink graphic sweatshirt ($5), a charcoal faux velvet t-shirt that I thought would be cute for client meetings ($5), and a mauve long-sleeve dress with embroidered flowers, also client appropriate ($10).

I was so excited to get my items and all of them look brand new! I still cannot believe the deal here… I have worn the sweatshirt several times and it’s so soft. The extra cool thing is, when you buy something, you can add in a free bag to ship another haul back to thredUP, so I did that, and mailed a second bag, so now I have another credit waiting for me!

Now, I know I bought Old Navy clothes, which aren’t expensive to get in the first place. But, I still got them for at least half of what they would have been in-store. Plus, I supported a business that does good things, and part of that money went to the people who sold items from their closet. All of that makes me feel good.

Plus, thredUP sells all kinds of brands including JCrew, Kate Spade, Rachel Zoe, Lululemon, North Face… you name it.

Because I work from home, I don’t need dress clothes, and I feel like I still have so many clothes in my closet even though I took four trash bags of stuff to Goodwill last month. It’s an ongoing process, and I’m trying to be good about regularly evaluating my closet and only buying things that I need, such as replacing basic white tees or looking for a new navy cardigan because the one I had was 10 years old… you get the picture

Other thredUP Features

Couldn’t resist the DEUCES sweatshirt for $5, normally $25.

One other thing I am doing is the thredUP rewards program, which offers points when you sell stuff and when you guy stuff. The points give you more money to shop with and I am down for that!

I haven’t tried it yet, but I would like to… thredUP Goody Boxes! It’s like Stitch Fix, but with used clothes, and likely much more likely to fit my budget. There’s a $10 styling fee that goes toward clothes you keep and they send 10 items.

There’s also a way you can set up alerts if you’re looking for specific items, such as a navy cardigan (ha!) and they can notify you when new navy cardigans arrive. Plus, you can bid on incoming arrivals — not entirely sure how this works — but I assume you could get new items for even less.

I mean, there’s all sorts of things with thredUP!

Now, I feel like I always have to say this, but this is not sponsored in any way at all. I just really have enjoyed my experience so far.

I actually had the idea to write about my thredUP selling and buying experience awhile ago, but I’m glad I waited because they are having a big fall sale this weekend with items for $6. You can go in and start marking the items you want and then when the sale hits, bam! Purchase!

I do have a code if you want to try thredUP, and the code gives you $10 off — which you should use this weekend for the sale!

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    1. thebitterlemon

      YES!! I’m loving it and I’m making an effort to be better about where my money goes (I’ll be writing more on this next month). I never have the time I feel like shopping takes and HATE trying on stuff. I want to try one of the Goody Boxes. Have you tried one?

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