An affordable bathroom refresh!

For the last year or so, I’ve been tossing some of my old decor and buying new items to refresh my apartment. It started with just trying to do a “deep clean”, when I sadly realized that some of the things in my apartment had been with me for… way too long.

So, I’ve focused on one room at a time and just made small purchases, but they have made a big difference! Over the summer, I updated my bathroom and I realized I never shared it here 🙂

First look at my new shower curtain.

When I lived in Baton Rouge, rent money went a little further than it does here in Austin. I gave up a really nice apartment with 10ft ceilings and my bathroom floor was actual tile and the countertops were real stone.

Truthfully, I’ve never cared about those things, but my bathroom now takes a little extra work to keep it looking nice and clean. So, the first thing I tossed was my custom shower curtain.

When I had the tall ceilings, I ordered a custom canvas shower curtain from Etsy. It was custom painted and the length of it made the bathroom look huge! When I moved, my mom put a temporary hem in the curtain and I used it for awhile… but it didn’t look right, and it was just unnecessary.

One of my old bathroom rugs.

My bathroom colors have been shades of orange for awhile — the shower curtain was orange and cream — and and I wanted to keep that going. I found a really cute shower curtain on Amazon that was chevron stripe in an orange and white ombre.

I got a new shower curtain liner and new hooks to hang it all. Again, small purchases, but this brightened things up immediately.

For awhile, that’s all I changed. I accidentally broke a white picture frame for a vintage “Playboy” cover (I have two) I hung in my bathroom. But upon further investigating, the white frames were cheap and really dusty.

New bathroom rug that unbelievably matches my shower curtain!

So, I tossed them and bought some really nice matte brass ones. And it goes much better with the orange/gold and the vintage magazine covers sort of give it a 70’s vibe.

A few months later, I randomly hit the bathroom decor jackpot at Big Lots! They had an entire aisle of orange bathroom stuff — and honestly, I think I’ve seen an orange rug once and I don’t think I’ve ever seen orange towels.

They had all matching bright coral-orange towels, washcloths and those nubby rugs, which I wasn’t sure about at first but have since come to love them. I got all of it — bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, and two rugs.

I was so excited to find these towels!

I feel like your bathroom is a place you can really choose to go HARD with a color you may not normally go for… and these changes made such a fun difference. I originally just had tan towels and tan rugs.

I’ve had the towels and rugs for four months, and they are still in great shape. I wasn’t sure how long they would last since they were so inexpensive, but if they ever have them again, I’d buy more!

So, that’s my simple bathroom refresh! I am still trying to figure out the best way to clean my bathroom linoleum. I mop it every week, but I feel like it never looks clean. If you’ve got tips, send them my way.

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