Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’.

I thought i was going to be working all weekend, but you know… I actually went to 3 yoga classes and a dance class, did some serious wandering around a few stores, got all of my meals prepped for the week, and I even tried P.Terry’s shake of the month (Reese’s, need I say more?).

Solid weekend.

Plus… I don’t want to jinx myself, but this week seems bearable! I might have time to read TWO books…ok, ok. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

I did finish Blanche’s Book Club’s latest pick over the weekend: “Girl, Stop Apologizing” by Rachel Hollis. Here’s the scoop:

Rachel encourages women of all ages to discover how to “sell that sizzle” and view themselves as a powerful and worthy asset, just like the product, service, or business they’re working hard to promote.

She provides six no-nonsense yet essential behaviors and skills that have helped her succeed beyond her wildest dreams, not only in the professional world, but also in her personal life. No more second-guessing!

It’s all about passion, preparation, and being authentically you—believing wholeheartedly in what you have to offer and doing so without apology.

I read Rachel’s previous book, “Girl, Wash Your Face” a few months ago and enjoyed it… this one was okay, but it didn’t fire me up quite like the first one. Honestly, she refers back to some of the SAME things she wrote in book one. Girl, get original!

Don’t get me wrong, I think the empire she’s created is AMAZING. But I’ll blame the editors and publishers for this one — give readers credit. We can tell when you used a name to make a sale.

The difference in this book is that its more of a guide to help you do the stuff she talked about in book one and she had some good ideas. I wrote down some quotes I particularly liked:

In fact, when you understand that you don’t have to justify your dreams to anyone else for any reason, that’s the day you truly begin to step into who you’re meant to be.

You are allowed to want more for yourself for no other reason than because it makes your heart happy.

You could spend forever planning out your someday when right now, today, this second, this is all you’ve got.

The hustlers I know, they’re human and they face the same insecurities as the rest of us. But when push comes to shove, they don’t overthink it or debate it, they just put their heads down and get back to work. That’s what hustle means to me: it means that you’re willing to work for it, whatever it is, whatever you want, and you don’t assume anyone is going to give it to you.

Some good stuff! I definitely felt like I had to see what the second one was all about since I enjoyed the first. If you haven’t read either, read them in order. And know that book one is better… ha!

The next book Blanche’s Book Club will be reading is “The Vanity Fair Diaries” by Tina Brown.

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