Thank you, Blogging Boot Campers!

Yesterday was finally THE day that Sarah Joy and I had been planning for so long: the Blogging Boot Camp at CounterspaceBR!

Sarah opened Counterspace — a bakery — as a place to not only sell baked goods and coffee, but as a safe place where people could gather, learn, meet others, have fun, all while being treated fairly.

Sarah and I met in our sorority at LSU and have found ourselves in a similar season of life; both jumping out and trying new business ventures, both hustling so hard to create something good for ourselves and those around us.

The Boot Camp was a way for us to both benefit in many ways — giving the bakery exposure to new people, using her space for learning, and it allowed me to share many of the lessons from my Blogging for Beginners class in a different format.

During the Boot Camp, we covered writing tips, SEO for blogging, how to create a content calendar, photo tips and flat-lay styling, and how to work your creative muscles to support the longevity of your blog.

And, we did it all using no presentation, no slides, no equipment — a giant Post-It pad, markers, and some calendars. I think it turned out great!

I always enjoy hearing what people are blogging about and a majority of the group had something to do with food: natural foods, Southern recipes, natural remedies, cookies… it was also quite nice that we were in a bakery!

Speaking of, I had one of Counterspace’s cinnamon rolls — I don’t know if Sarah Joy considers these to be a signature item, but it was delicious… it had espresso buttercream on it. FREAKING YUM!

Blogging is such a passion of mine, so I always enjoy meeting new people who are doing it (or who are learning to do it), especially for genuine reasons. Technology, blogging, or learning anything new can be challenging, and it’s exciting to see anyone taking that leap and going for what they want, even if it means taking up a whole Saturday to learn something.

It has been such a pleasure to plan and prepare for this event, and to come back to Baton Rouge for a few days — it had been three years since I’ve been back! Baton Rouge holds such a special place in my heart, and it’s nice that it’s not TOO far from Austin.

I’m heading back to Texas today — time to get back to the grind — but what a fun weekend this was!

Sarah Joy and I are already talking about the next Blog class (or maybe an Etsy class) we could offer at CounterSpace!

Of course, if you have ideas — we’re all ears!

Thank you SO much to everyone who signed up to take the Blogging Boot Camp. It was truly a pleasure meeting all of you and I’ll remember our day in the trenches every time I take a sip from my Counterspace coffee mug 🙂

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