Podcast Recommendations, Part XII.

Yep, still obsessed with podcasts over here. I am still using a daily podcast as my reward for doing something physical each day, but I also listen to podcasts while I work (depending on what I’m working on) or while I’m doing chores around the apartment.

I’ve heard if you pair things you don’t like doing with something you like, it makes it better, which has worked for me so far. Here’s what I’ve been listening to these last few weeks — and no, they’re definitely not all true crime this time!

The Morning Toast

The Morning Toast is hosted by comedian Claudia Oshry and Jackie O. I’ve followed Claudia on Instagram for awhile now and she’s so funny there, so I have NO idea why it took me so long to become a Toaster.

The show covers pop-culture news and often recaps a TV show. Because I’ve only been listening for a few weeks, I’m not entirely sure how this show got started nor how the co-hosts know each other. I believe it started as a YouTube show and was later made into a podcast.

They usually have a show each weekday, and it’s often available by lunch time, so it’s a good excuse for me to take a break from work.

To Live and Die in L.A.

This one was recommended to me by a high school friend who messaged me on Instagram — this is the kind of stuff that makes me appreciate social media. I told her I would start listening to it once I was done listening to Dr. Death. Well, I listened to all 8 available episodes of “To Live and Die in L.A.” back-to-back.

The podcast is hosted by Neil Strauss, a journalist for Rolling Stone. Here’s the official scoop on what the podcast is about:

In February 2018, Adea Shabani, a 25-year-old acting student who’d moved to Los Angeles a year and a half earlier to pursue her dreams of becoming a star, vanished out of nowhere from her Hollywood Boulevard apartment.

The door was left unlocked.

At the time, there were no leads and no witnesses.

This is the story of what happened next…

Sure,arts of this podcast are about the past, but very much of it is happening NOW, and Strauss and his team are actively following leads week after week. In fact, one week, the episode was delayed because of a new, promising tip. This podcast is so well done, every Thursday, I am chomping at the bit for a new episode!

Watch What Crappens

Just as with The Morning Toast, I am so behind the game on this one. Watch What Crappens is very popular among Bravo fans, and I wish I’d have started listening sooner! But, I’m glad I’m in the loop now.

The show is hosted by Ben Mandelker and Ronnie Karam and they are hilarious. Five days a week, they offer recaps (including laugh-out-loud impressions) of Bravo shows, and even though I’ve only been listening for a few weeks, it makes me excited to watch the shows just so I can hear their recaps the next day!

Work Party

I had this one on my list after attending the Create & Cultivate event in Austin during SXSW. It’s hosted by Create & Cultivate’s Founder Jaclyn Johnson and focuses on women taking business into their own hands, even if it’s in a non-traditional way. Johnson wrote a similar book with the same name.

There are loads of available episodes, but I sort of just started with the Tan France interview and went from there. It’s good workday fodder.

And that’s that! I’ve already got a few more podcasts on my list to listen to next — I have a short road trip this week, so I need stuff to listen to. I’ll report back, as always! I’d love to know if you’re listening to any podcasts right now; I’m always looking for more goodies!

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