‘So Cosmo’: Before Heads Roll.

The "key" staff members of Cosmo.
The “key” staff members of Cosmo.

Whoop! Win for the week: I actually remembered to record last night’s episode of “So Cosmo”! So, let’s jump right into it.

The episode opens with auditions for male dancers for the Las Vegas performance of “Magic Mike” – no, I’m serious. Like HELLO. Apparently Channing Tatum is friends with Joanna Cole, and he thought it would be a good idea if the Cosmo staff helped choose the guys (uh, dream job, anyone?).

Back at the office, the incoming Editor-In-Chief, Michele, comes in for a meeting with Joanna. Basically Joanna gives her a rundown of each person on the staff – what their job role is and what they’re like.

Michele doesn’t really say either way if she’s planning on keeping the staff or not. She kind of seems like she miiiight fire everyone.

Next up is a staff meeting primarily about a live event that’s coming up called, “Fun, Fearless, Money.” There is a rundown of the day and a giant “thank you” for giving up a Saturday for the event.

Back on “Fire Island” (a section of the office where the cool kids are), Evan is just shooting the shit with the gay guys. He tells them his brother is gay and that he lives in West Hollywood and the gays LOVE this.

Then Matthew Hussy stops by – he’s the guy who gives alllll the relationship advice for the magazine. He stops by Diondra’s cube to see what’s up with her, and she’s all “Oh everything is great”… but he brings up Evan – he knows they’ve been flirting. Diondra is appalled and embarrassed that other people knew about her and Evan (open your eyes, girl).

Matthew won’t tell her who he heard this from, and she takes one lucky guess and be-lines it to the fashion closet to meet the perpetraitor, Tiffany.

Tiffany says that yes, she is the one who told, but she didn’t do it for it to be a piece of gossip, but she was just looking out for her… sure. And then Tiffany is all, “So wanna help me pick out jewelry?” and Diondra is like, “YES, I thought you’d never ask!” And everything is okay again.

Diondra runs into Steven and he’s asking her for specific requests about “Fun, Fearless, Money” and Diondra tells him it just might not happen, because she has a lot on her to-do list.

But whatever, because it’s Friday, and she is heading out for a night on the city. After talking with Matthew, Diondra thinks it’s really important to prove to her coworkers that she’s not into Evan. So, she’s flirting all over this guy, Brandon.

But everyone pretty much sees right thru it, especially when Evan walks right into the bar and she runs into the corner to hide.

I actually feel a little sad for Evan, because he seems pretty upset watching her go off with this other guy. He says goodbye to her, and says “Please get home safe” and tells the guy “Please make sure she gets home safe” (so freaking SWEET), and the guy goes, “oh yeah, Uber, Black Card” – so now we all know he has a small penis.

Back at the office, Evan is telling one of the guys about how Diondra was out with Brandon. They both agree right then and there that it’s best if Evan just focus on the work and not anything else. 😦

That night, Joanna takes “key” members of the staff to the Chef’s Club for wine and dinner in hopes they will pledge their support to Michele. Yikes.

Later, Evan’s ex stops by the office, and there’s some major flirting going on… and you can’t help but wonder if he’s just seeking revenge on Diondra.

Meanwhile, Steven disinvited Diondra for an important dinner – shade, shade.

Then, one of the biggest celeb makeup artists comes in so the ladies on staff can try out lip colors. FUN! And then Diondra confronts Steven about the dinner that she wasn’t invited to… dun, dun, dun.

He basically said “other assistants” weren’t invited either. Ooohhhh she was all, “But I’m not an assistant”. He eventually calls her entitled and that is pretty much all Diondra needs to hear.

In next week’s episode, we finally get to see the “Fun, Fearless, Money” event, which I’m actually interested to see.

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