Wake up, San Francisco: ‘Fuller House’ season 2.

Kimmy's shoes tho...
Kimmy’s shoes tho…

My best friend Sheena has brought us the real meaning of Christmas in another review of “Fuller House”, this time for its second season. Check out her review of season one, here. And let us know what you thought of season two! 

Earlier this year when I sat down to watch Fuller House season one I was all high on nostalgia and crap. I thought that had worn off since I really wasn’t looking forward to watching season two. It seemed like season one had covered all of the bases. We saw the whole family again, were reaffirmed that the Olsen twins hate us all, and relived some of the best Full House moments. What more could Netflix do? Well, let me tell you, they did more with season two.

The first episode had me a little worried because it seemed like we were diving right into the Fuller House story line, forgetting the reason we were all watching in the first place: Full House. Season one ended with a cliff hanger surrounding DJ’s love life. She had to choose whether she wanted to date her old high school flame, Steve, or the hot newcomer, Matt.

After spending the summer focusing on herself, she finally made a decision. Sorry, no spoilers here! We were also thrown right back into the tumultuous relationship that is Kimmy and Fernando, one that I personally could do without in this series. Stephanie stayed true to form and is still single, edgy, and a little bit slutty. This season we also got to know Kimmy’s younger brother, Jimmy, who I definitely do not remember from the original series, but I don’t hate looking at him.

Thankfully as the season went on family members started to reappear and we finally got to hear about Joey’s wife and kids. I was worried that his old girlfriend, Roxy, had ruined him forever. Netflix even went so far as to pull out some memories I had long forgotten about.  Remember after season one when I told you I thought Gia was still a bad influence on Stephanie? Well, there may or may not be a Gia appearance during a reunion of the girls’ band, Girl Talk, in season two. Even that big boobed, boyfriend stealing, frenemy of DJ’s, Kathy Santoni (Editor’s Note: Whhattt Kathy Santoni is back!?!), came back into the picture.  DJ also had a little run in with her ex-boyfriends, Viper and Nelson, at her and Kimmy’s 20 year high school reunion.

Of course the kids on the show were still as cute as ever, the jokes got even cheesier, and the one-liners more prominent than before. But, I have learned my lesson and I will never again doubt Netflix and their ability to surprise me.  If Fuller House gets renewed for a third season, I’ll watch it the day it comes out and pretend I didn’t watch the first half of season two while mumbling under my breath that they should have stopped after season one.

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