You Got it, Dude: The ‘Fuller House’ review.

Netflix has signed "Fuller House" for season 2.
Netflix has signed “Fuller House” for season 2.

My great friend Sheena agreed to write a review of “Fuller House” for The Bitter Lemon in trade for SnapChats of me singing the theme song. So, I present to you, a complete review of “Fuller House”:

I know I can’t be the only one that rushed home Friday evening (read: left work early) to binge watch all 13 episodes of “Fuller House” that were released on Netflix earlier that day. Prior to watching I had read several reviews by critics and they were not good, at all. Like many of my fellow 80’s babies, I didn’t let it get me down or spoil the sequel-series to one of my all-time favorite shows.  To sum up the first season in a few words, it did not disappoint.

The first episode was completely nostalgic, satisfying, and kind of painful to watch; everyone (but the Olsen twins, who got thrown some serious shade in episode 1) was there, even The Rippers and Comet’s grandchildren.  We heard all of the famous catch phrases, old stories, a performance from Jesse and The Rippers of “Forever” and Danny took it home with “Wild Thing” – it was the reunion of all reunions all crammed into about 10 minutes.

By episode 2 the circus subsided to make way for the start of the new story line and we were quickly brought up to date on what happened in the main characters lives these last 20 years. I’ll say this much, it seems like Stephanie never stopped hanging out with that bad influence middle school friend, Gia. Now in her mid-thirties, she’s single and childless, wears leather and sequin during the day (Editor’s note: Judgey Wudgey was a bear…), and is a world famous DJ that goes by the name “DJ Tanner” – this is my favorite running joke of the new show. Of the 3 girls, her character is sarcastic and witty and is, by far, my favorite.

Kimmy, who owns her own party planning business, hasn’t changed in 20 years and still provides the more obvious humor; while DJ Fuller (get it?), the veterinarian, is now a widowed, level-headed soccer mom.  The 4 kids on the show aren’t lacking in personality either; the oldest boy, Jackson, is a rule breaking delinquent (in Full House terms), Max is hilarious and charismatic, baby Tommy is too little to talk but still provides some good laughs, and Ramona Gibbler is a sassy bilingual mean girl.

The show is still pretty cheesy (but wasn’t that why we all loved it?) and the lessons being learned don’t seem to dominate the episodes as much as comedy now does, thank God. They are taking the time to slowly introduce new characters, which I appreciate mostly because those characters are hot dudes, but the familiarity of the old “Full House” still reigns true with at least one of the old characters (aside from the 3 girls) appearing in each episode.

DJ’s high school boyfriend, Steve, is a recurring guest on the show and Stephanie’s old friend Harry, who she calls her husband because of their childhood wedding ceremony, even makes a guest appearance along with the likes of a few celebrities.  Along with new characters, they are also introducing new catch phrases and on-going jokes even more ridiculous than the originals.

If you were a true fan of Full House and can get past the fact that Carly Rae Jepson sings the theme song on the opening credits, you’ll likely find the show enjoyable. Netflix has already signed on to season 2, so Fuller House isn’t going away anytime soon!

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