‘Mariah’s World’: Bone of Contention.

Sweeeet, sweet fantasy babyyyyyy.
Sweeeet, sweet fantasy babyyyyyy.

Helllooooo! Today is the last Monday that I’ve got before a glorious staycation for the holidays. I just have to get through this week before I can run out of the office in complete freedom! Why does this make me so happy? Because on Friday I got into some hot water for not attending the optional Christmas party. So ready for 2016 to just end already.

In other news, I spent the weekend attempting to cheer myself up and I baked loads and loads of Christmas cookies and treats, and wrapped lots of gifts while watching Christmas movies! It was a pretty good time, I won’t lie to you.

Naturally, I was pretty ready for episode two of “Mariah’s World” to air on Sunday night, especially after hearing the reviews from the first episode. I heard many news outlets saying the entire on-air flirtation and now real-world romance between Mariah and Tanaka was fabricated completely for show press.

Huh? I am so naive to these things and automatically assumed it was real. What do you guys think?

Anyway, let’s jump into last night’s episode! I hate to say it already, but this show is going to have to work to keep things interesting. Because even just two episodes in, and I’d rather clean my kitchen that sit on my couch, watching.

Basically the entire hour-long episode circled around two main events: 1. Mariah’s assistant put the dancers and all of the kids (like 5-year-old kids) on the same bus because of a budget, and 2. Molly (the assistant’s assistant) STILL cannot figure out the damn Apple TV in Mariah’s room.

Obviously, the Euro tour is just kicking off, and there was lots of drama circling the fact that Mariah is bringing her children along, and the nanny misplaced the passports – and this put Mariah 3 hours late to her first rehearsal. But nonetheless, the first performance goes off perfectly, and the dancers even got the dreaded LIFT correct, and the show got some of the best reviews ever.

Speaking of dancers, there is very little talk about Mariah’s fiance during this episode, and instead there is an interesting scene with her and Tanaka. He goes to visit her backstage, and naturally she’s wearing this total-sequined, low-cut dress that’s got slits up each side. Because Mariah.

They talk for awhile and it’s pretty fliratcious… and honestly, I don’t think he’s cute. Am I alone in this camp?

Anyway, Mariah’s assistant and one of her backup singers is also bringing her kids and the kiddos were assigned to sleep on the same bus as the dancers. This does not go over well, as you can imagine. Stella claims there’s a budget that needs to be followed, but come on, I find it difficult to believe that Mariah Carey’s tour is under a budget cut. Right?

So, the creative director is absolutely pissed about this, and he throws a fit. He tells Mariah that he absolutely, CANNOT stay on the bus with 5-year-olds for a 27-show tour. Understandable. But he throws in that dancers like to turn up, and he’s not going to be worrying about a 5-year-old’s bedtime.

Meanwhile, Stella has been cutting employees left and right, and hiring 12-year-olds to replace them (because 12-year-olds know social media). So, that leaves the creative director shaking in his boots. Will he get clipped before the next show? We will see!

The one thing that caught my eye in this episode was Mariah’s mention of a previous marriage. She doesn’t mention names, but she talked about how she wasn’t allowed out of the house much. Then, there was a clip of Jermaine Dupri talking about how during that time, Mariah was kept in the tower.

I am assuming they’re talking about Tommy Matolla, whom she married in 1993 – and she’s said in many interviews that their marriage was hell, and she wished she would just get kidnapped. CREEPY. And sad. And it kind of explains a lot about the way she is with men – no offense to her.

Is anyone else watching “Mariah’s World”? I am going to stick with it, in hopes there’s a little more meat to it than just the tour. Stay tuned!

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