Chesapeake Shores: Episodes 5 & 6.

The whole gang... minus Trace :(
The whole gang… minus Trace 😦

Helllooo! I’m not sure if any of my readers are keeping up with “Chesapeake Shores”, but I’m really enjoying this series. I wasn’t able to watch last Sunday’s episode on time (I had my toes in the sand), but don’t worry, I’ve got the recap right here!

Episode 5

Remember, we left off with two pretty big things: something unknown has happened to Kevin overseas, and Trace’s former bandmate is in town and wants answers.

At the start of the episode, Abby is on her way to court for the custody of her daughters – Trace sends her a sweet text message on her way there.

Back at Trace’s house, his bandmate is still trying to convince him to come back to Nashville. She says he can stay at her place, and he’ll be able to see John – whoever that is. He still doesn’t seem to be interested in coming back though, and she’s pissed.

In court, it’s finally revealed that Chesapeake Shores is located in Maryland! Anyways, Abby fights back and also asks for full physical custody of her daughters, which the judge seems shocked by, so they recess for lunch.

Back on the beach, Trace seems to be looking at different properties – for what reason, it is unknown at this point.

At lunch, Conner is with Abby and the family as they wait to go back to court, and he’s ultra saucy telling the family what could happen once court is back in session. Abby’s dad gets a call that Kevin has been found – he’s injured and on his way to a hospital near Germany, but they don’t know how severe it is yet.

Back in court, a ruling for temporary custody is granted: the kids spend summers in Chesapeake Shores, and the remainder of the year in New York with their father, unless Abby and her ex can work out an agreement.

Meanwhile, Trace is looking at a pretty big piece of property, but the real estate agent tells him he would need all cash and a 60-day escrow in order to get it. That doesn’t seem to be an option for him, so he says he’ll get back to her.

He meets back up with his bandmate and tells her he’s willing to do the duet album, but he has to have the money upfront, and it has to be the last thing they do together.

“We’ll see about that,” she says.

And even though he seems aggravated, he says he will need a few weeks in Chesapeake Shores before heading back to Nashville. She asks him why, and he tells her he wants to open a place for people to hear real music, and put a recording studio in it.

She kisses him (!) and he pulls away, and tells her this is strictly about business obligations. YIKES.

On the way home from court, Trace is on his motorcycle behind Abby and her dad. They pull over and tell him the news about court; he says he’s on his way to the bank for a loan. But at the bank, he seems hesitant to walk inside.

At the end of the episode, he’s sketching plans for the building he wants…

The previews for episode 6 show Kevin coming home, and an introduction to… Kevin’s fiancee. What?! Guess we’ll see…

Episode 6

At the start of the episode, a woman appears in Chesapeake Shores and announces herself as Kevin’s fiance… obviously the family is shocked to hear this, and says they’ve been engaged since May, despite Kevin not mentioning it when he was home for July 4.

She tells the family that Kevin will be completing his recovery in Chesapeake Shores… in the family home. Because, why would he recover anywhere else??

Georgia, the fiance, starts the official setup -turning the family dining room into a hospital room, complete with equipment, as if she’s done it before.

Meanwhile, Trace is talking with his mom, and tells her a little bit about his plans for the building and the upcoming album. It’s obvious they’re not close, but definitely friendly. He asks her to dinner the following night.

At work, Abby’s boss tells her there’s a “Fed” waiting for her. Upon entering her office, he tells her he’s from the Department of Justice. He starts asking her why she had boxes shipped from her previous office, and wants to know what’s inside them. He says there is an FCC violation, so she leaves the room to call her attorney, and calls Connor.

All of this while Connor is in line to take the BAR exam…

Abby informs the Fed she’s lawyering up, and he tells her he’ll be in touch.

Kevin arrives home on the ambulance, and it literally looks like they tossed him into the ambulance directly from war and drove him through the ocean to arrive at Chesapeake Shores.

Abby gets word that the Fed has interviewed some of her coworkers in the New York office, and lest we forget that Milly was/is sleeping with her ex – do I smell revenge?

At the house, Kevin seems like there’s major issues… as in, PTSD or some other mental issues. He seems really out of it, and it’s almost difficult to watch.

Trace finds out the property he wants sold for asking price, and it seems like there’s some sort of rift between him and his father over it – though vague.

Back at the house, the family doesn’t understand why Kevin isn’t under more strict medical care (no joke), but decide to just keep by his side. The family isn’t impressed by Georgia and her cold demeanor.

Kevin’s mom has a pret-ty heated discussion with Georgia outside – they know they got off on the wrong foot, but Georgia tells his mother that crying his weakness, and basically tells her that SHE is the reason he went to war. Yeeouuuwch.

After taking the BAR, it appears Connor has found himself a little girlfriend despite what a jerk he acts like. It’s a woman from his study group, and I can definitely see this storyline going somewhere.

Trace is having lunch with his mom and dad, and his dad tells him Abby’s dad is the one who bought the property he wanted – HMM…

They show the previews for next week’s episode and it shows Trace confessing something serious to Abby… yeep!!

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