High & Mighty: ‘Nurse Jackie’ season 3.

All hail Nurse Jackie.
All hail Nurse Jackie.

Yes, my addiction to “Nurse Jackie” is still in full swing, but I’m trying to ration myself, given all of the books I’ve been reading, and the growing list of TV series that are either on television or at the library – I recently discovered the library has all seasons of “Designing Women“, “Murder She Wrote“, and “E.R“, among many others, so it’s a good thing I was planning on being antisocial this fall.

So, I watched season 3 of “Nurse Jackie”, once again, in just one day (WHY are the episodes only 30 minutes?), and I cannot wait to locate season 4 (no, I don’t have Netflix, please stop asking). Here’s the official trailer for season 3:

We left season 2 with Jackie in the middle of her own intervention, and season 3 picks right up at that point. She denies having a problem, but agrees to seek help if it will make Kevin feel better. The romance continues between Zoey and Lenny, while Eddie wants a closer friendship with Kevin. This results in Eddie being at Jackie and Kevin’s house much more, which is just awkward.

Just when things aren’t tough enough, Jackie discovers a rat in the hospital has eaten a decent portion of her stash that was hidden in the attic. She swipes a few pills from the oncology department, and is summoned for a drug test when the pills are discovered missing. Whoops!

Jackie delays the test as long as possible, and is also trying to avoid a difficult conversation with Kevin. But she takes the test and confesses to Dr. O’Hara that she will probably fail it. Kevin shows up with the girls at the hospital, which makes everyone wonder – since they’ve never seen Jackie’s family.

Meanwhile, Jackie’s drug test gets thrown out, and Kevin drops a BOMB on Jackie, and bam, the season is over! Arrgghhh! Another cliffhanger! Showtime really knows how to do it, I’ll admit it.

‘Six Feet Under’: season 1

Helloooo, Michael C. Hall.
Helloooo, Michael C. Hall.

I also watched season 1 of “Six Feet Under” from HBO. Will I always be about 15 years behind on my TV watching? It’s very possible.

Meet the Fishers, a lovable, although barely functional family, who owns and operates a funeral home in L.A. The head of the family, the father, is killed by a bus within the first 60 seconds of the pilot. This creates the setup for every episode t follow: a death right in the beginning, followed by the aftermath.

But, although the show is heavily about death, it’s a lot about life, love, family, and getting through it all. Having said that, while there are funny parts, it IS a lot to take in – I’ll be taking a little break before hitting season 2.

I didn’t know Michael C. Hall was in this series until I pressed play, and he is a delightful character named David, who is a closeted gay man (only to his family), and in charge of taking over the funeral home for his father.

If you’ve watched the entire series, I’d love to hear what you thought about it (but no spoilers). I’ve heard the series finale is a DOOZIE, so I’ll have to buckle up and watch the remaining 4 seasons.

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