Chesapeake Shores: Episode 2.

Her brows tho...
Her brows tho…

Nothing like a good little show to sit down to on a Sunday night, right? After last week’s drama-filled premier, this week has something to live up to.

At the start of the episode, the kids of the family are sitting around a campfire (soooo dreamy), as they are recovering after their mom/grandma fell (last episode) and is safely recovering in the hospital.

Shortly after, we are blessed with the singing and guitar strums of Jesse Metcalfe, or I mean, Trace. Helloooo!

Abby runs by, and they start talking about how when Trace moved back, oddly her father offered him a job. Trace seems suspicious of this and asks her if he knew he needed work. She didn’t seem to know what he was talking about. Hmm…

There are tensions between Jess and her mom, and stepmom, but meanwhile, her father announces he’s “taking the summer off” and everyone seems shocked by this news.

Jess tells her family that she’s going to have the B&B ready for the weekend, but it’s clearly in no shape for that to be a true statement, and her dad seems irritated. I’m getting the eery feeling that something is going to happen to their father…

Abby and Trace go on a walk on the beach, and she asks him about his music career. He shrugs it off and says, “It’s there when I need it”, but she reminds him that music was his dream; is he really just going to give it up?

He turns the conversation back on her and says he remembers she had a lot of plans, too, but what happens to them? I’m sure this is not the last we’ll hear about it.

Abby’s brother is prepping to deploy, as in, he’s waiting for his cab to come and take him to the airport, and she asks him if he’s scared to go back. He tells her no, because he was baptized just last week. She seems shocked by this, and then the cab arrives.

He tells her not to worry about him, to just take care of herself.

Things are definitely heating up between Jess and her step mom – she wants nothing to do with her, despite having to live in her home.

And then, we are blessed with a shirtless Trace, despite an emotional scene – he gets news about someone having to have surgery, and heads out to the water with his guitar. And then he beats the shit out of his acoustic, yells, and tosses it into the water.

But by the end of the episode, Jess is hosting the grand opening of her bed & breakfast… and Trace is outside waiting. He seems pretty pensive and doesn’t understand why Abby didn’t want to kiss the other night.

He says, “Do you even know what makes you happy anymore?” Ouch. And then, Abby’s ex husband pulls into the driveway, and Trace is all “Great, love to meet him”, but she insists he keeps to himself. So, he watches from his truck as Abby starts to fight with her ex.

He presents her with papers from his attorney and says her summer plans to stay in Chesapeake Shores aren’t going to work for him. The last scene is her opening the letter, and she breaks down crying.

Hmmm! Stay tuned for next week’s episode! I’m excited to see what happens between her and Trace… of course 🙂

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