‘Famously Single’: It’s date night…

Dr. Darcy.
Dr. Darcy.

Wahoo, episode 4 of “Famously Single”! I was honestly so freaking excited when I finally got it thru my thick skull yesterday that it was indeed Tuesday, which meant a fresh episode of “Famously Single”. After last week’s steam-session with the cast members, I was ready to see how things were going to progress.

The episode kicks off with Callum saying that it’s Brandi’s birthday and he surprises her with a bouquet of flowers for her. Aww! However, she is still questioning what happened the night before (in the previous episode). Rightfully so.

Dr. Darcy has a one-on-one with Brandi because of her attraction to Callum. Dr. Darcy is worried that Brandi is falling back into her ways of liking the bad boy who’s essentially unavailable, given that he’ll return to London once the taping is over.

Brandi tells Dr. Darcy about what happened at the party; about Callum’s jealousy and anger. Brandi admits that his anger does scare him, but she likes him. DANGER ZONE.

Next, Dr. Darcy meets with Somaya in hopes of getting a better picture of her dating past. She admits she’s never had a full-blown relationship with a man; and one that she had that was close involved severe physical violence. Like…as in.. he beat her head into the ground.

Somaya admits that this instance made her hate men; although she knows she didn’t deserve it, and that not everyone is bad.

Dr. Darcy makes a STELLAR point here: “If the person you’re with doesn’t add to you, they take away.” Boom.

The housemates decide to throw Brandi a surprise birthday party that night; which Brandi was really touched by. They go out, have some drinks, and Brandi pulls Callum to the side and explains herself over what happened at the house party. He apologizes and they seem to smooth things over.

Meanwhile… Aubrey and Pauly are still flirty; and it’s kind of annoying. Or maybe just Aubrey is.

Dr. Darcy announces the next challenge: everyone will be going on dates, but the housemates will serve as each other’s dating coaches; including choosing how they do hair, makeup, dress, and even what they say while on the date, given an earpiece.

The guys will coach the girls, and vis-versa.

Aubrey immediately doesn’t want to participate, and she doesn’t want Pauly to either, because she wants to date him. So, she tries to convince his partner/dating coach to not let him fall for his blind date. Ughhhhh.

Josh and Brandi are partners, which is pretty funny, because Josh immediately demands that Brandi not wear any animal print. He chooses virginal white. LOLZ.

When Brandi coaches Josh on his data, it’s pretty hilarious. She forces Josh to ask his date if she’s into foursomes, and shockingly, his date doesn’t get up and walk away.

Aubrey’s date has “Fuck Fame” tattoed across his knuckles; and with that, she’s done with him.

Pauly’s date is suuuuper cute; and it seems they have a lot in common. However, his partner, Somaya, is keeping her promise to Aubrey and is not letting him get too deep.

Aubrey is grilling Pauly about his date…and he’s sweating it. He’d taken his date’s number, but he says he does like Aubrey.

The group is starting to get a little annoyed with Josh, because he says he wants to learn and continue to go on dates, but he’s veeerrry picky.

The end of the episode brings a group session with Dr. Darcy to recap her on how everyone’s dates went. I’ll admit this part was pretty lackluster – Dr. Darcy basically told everyone they did great…and who learns from that?

In the preview for next week’s episode, the group is out on another set of dates, and Aubrey looks pissed, yet again. But we’ll have to wait and see what happens! You know I’ll be watching!

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