‘Famously Single’: Heatin’ things up!


Between episodes of “Below Deck” and “Famously Single”, Tuesday nights are starting to become pretty awesome! So, episode three of “Famously Single” aired last night, and shit is starting to get good.

Dr. Darcy kicks off the show by inviting the cast into the living room together to talk about sex. Particularly, she asks the group how they feel about monogamy. The women were in agreement that monogamy is possible, and good. The guys? Not so much… shocker.

A few of the men admitted to cheating; and said it’s hard for them to think about being loyal to one woman. Once the group started talking about sex; there was a mix of opinions about casual sex vs. making love. Pauly says he’s been single for so long that everything about his life is casual; and he admits to never making love.

And this little comment turns Aubrey RIGHT on! I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors that these two hook up on the show (and perhaps are still together), so this could be the spark that starts it all. Dr. Darcy then informs the group that their next challenge is to throw a house party full of eligible singles.

The cast members start scouring their phones to find single friends willing to come to the party. While this is happening, Aubrey is putting her flirt on. She’s all, “Pauly are you going to invite a bunch of girls and make me jealous?!” …And she is like sitting on his laaaaap… oh shit.

Dr. Darcy notices this trend, and says that Pauly has a tendency to get with girls that are convenient, so she wonders if he really likes Aubrey or if it’s just him falling in-line with his habits.

A similar story is happening between Brandi and Calum – they are flirting, and she’s hoping he won’t hook up with anyone at the party. SNAP.

Dr. Darcy brings Calum in for his one-on-one to get his “story” – and what he reveals actually brought tears to my eyes. He talked about his father being an alcoholic, and Calum has very few memories of his father otherwise. His father passed away when Calum was just 24, and he says after that, he went on a three-year drinking bender, lost his contracts, his looks, and gained a reputation as a playboy.

He’s cleaned up his act a little bit since then, and says he’s currently the healthiest and feeling the best he’s felt in his whole life…but, he’s still single.

The group goes out for the night, and things are getting heated between Aubrey and Pauly, and also with Calum and Brandi. Pauly has his little confessional with the camera, and he says he’s okay with the flirting, but he wants to keep it at a minimum. We’ll see about that.

…And then Brandi kisses Calum. Right at the table.

The next night is the house party. Of course, Pauly D is the DJ, and everyone is drinking and dancing… Aubrey tells her girlfriend that Pauly is going to be her next man, and that she is going to **** him. That’s how it was on the screen.

Meanwhile, Calum is getting hammered. RECIPE FOR DISASTER.

Brandi is dancing, and kissing some guys, and it is pissing Calum off… And then Pauly and Aubrey make out. And she says, “I hope he kisses me like that at our wedding.”

*Rolls eyes*

Calum calls Brandi out for kissing multiple dudes, and he tells her she’s “disgusting”. Pauly and Brandi start to walk off together, and Brandi kisses him on the forehead. Pauly tells Brandi she’s “the coolest girl” he’s ever met in his entire life.

Calum and Aubrey are watching the whole thing and he kisses her on the cheek. Drama.

Pauly and Aubrey go into another room and shut the door, and she’s asking him if he’s only going to want her. They are kissing, but the camera cuts away.

Calum kind of yells at Brandi, and Brandi starts crying. It’s actually a little sad.

The next morning, Brandi and Aubrey have a heart-to-heart over their feelings for the guys. Brandi admits that Calum is the typical guy she falls for – a bad boy, and one that’s unavailable, given that he’ll go back to London once they’re done taping the show.

…And then the episode ends! I was so sad there wasn’t a group session at the end, but I guess I’ll just have to get over it. I’m sure next week’s episode will make up for it!

Can’t get enough of The Bitter Lemon? Sweet, ‘cuz we can’t stop talking! Stop by this afternoon for a second post today, because it’s Hump Day, and there’s a three-day weekend on the horizon, and why the hell not? See you soon!

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