‘Famously Single’: Aubrey’s too good.

The ladies of ' Famously Single'.
The ladies of ‘ Famously Single’.

And we’re back with episode two of “Famously Single”! The cast finds out that some of the people they met at the club in last week’s episode were, in fact, their dating coaches – Laurel and Robert. Awkward.

Willis got called out for being too sexual, too fast – and yeah, he told the dating coach he was going to the bathroom and would she like to join him. Woah. And we wonder why these people are single…

It’s coming to light that Josh, the former contestant on “The Bachelorette”, has issues with assuming everyone knows who he is and wants him just because of the fame. I can kind of understand this, but I also feel the urge to slap him and remind him that he was on “THE BACHELORETTE”. Get over yourself, bro!

There is more shade thrown onto Brandi from the other girls on the house – because Brandi “always” has her tits out. Aubrey claims SHE has more of a “sexualized image” than Brandi, but yet she doesn’t show her chest all day, every day. Hmm…

Brandi has her one-on-one with Dr. Stacey (is that her name? Why do I want to call her Darcy?) that is actually pretty emotional. She talks about her relationship with her ex, and says that she found out he was cheating on her because someone called her and said he was on the cover of a tabloid. Wow.

Her and the Doc talk candidly about her dating life and the mistakes she commonly makes – going after unavailable men. PREACH GIRL.

The cast’s next challenge is for each person to find a date on the street before they leave on a sunset cruise; with the help of their dating coaches, of course. FYI – her name IS Dr. Darcy. I’m a jackass.

The real challenge with this is that, these celebs are used to people approaching them because of their status. A problem most of us don’t have.

This was comical to watch – some of them got rejected, some of them tried pickup lines, and Josh was so freaking shy. It was cute! Aaaand Aubrey didn’t even try to get a date, so she was the only one on the boat that didn’t have a date.

Jessica was able to snag a seemingly-nice guy, and they hit it off right away, having deep conversations and all once the boat left the dock.

Brandi’s guy was 25. Really? And then Aubrey walks up and starts talking to Brandi’s date. Like she totally steals the conversation and then got offended when the guy didn’t know who she was. This was not lost on Dr. Darcy, so I’m sure this will come up at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile, Jessica straight up LEFT her date – as in, she “went to the bathroom” and didn’t come back. What the hell? One of the dating coaches catches her, and calls her out – her date probably really liked her and she got too scared. Blam! After the pep talk from the coach, she apologized to her date, and he seemed to accept it.

During the group session at the end, Brandi, Pauly, and Josh admitted that the challenge was very much out of their comfort zone, but they agreed it was something they needed to do more often.

They gave Jessica a chance to explain herself, and she admitted she ditched her date for 40 minutes. The coaches found out that her date sacrificed a visit with his family to go on the boat with her. She seemed to learn a lot – but we’ll see.

Aubrey got called out, and said she already knew the lessons she would have learned if she would have participated in the date. Rolls eyes. Brandi called her out, and it was kind of fantastic.

Then a little bitch fight started, when Aubrey tells Brandi “You’re not my cup of tea, either”. LOLZ. Aubrey’s lecture got interrupted by Dr. Darcy, and it’s obvious the house is starting to turn on Aubrey after she’s shown her true colors. The fact that Aubrey felt she was “above” choosing a “pedestrian” as a date, makes me like her way less than I did before.

Dr. Darcy pulls Aubrey aside for a one-on-one, and calls her out for humiliating Brandi in front of the group. Honestly? Aubrey straight up tells Dr. Darcy that she’s not calling anyone else out on their shit, and she’s not the no-nonsense chick she says she is. Daaaayyyummm.

Then, Aubrey starts crying (although it’s hard to tell because…botox) and Dr. Darcy gives her a hug and gives in to Aubrey’s childish behavior. Aubrey admits she doesn’t have the right tools to succeed in dating, even though she “reads all the time”.

In the clip for next week’s episode, we finally see what we’ve been hearing about: Pauly and Aubrey, kissing.

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