Oh baby, it’s cold outside!

Fireplace + hotty totty = pure bliss.
Fireplace + hotty toddy = pure bliss.

Okay, so I can’t complain too much about the cold weather, living in Austin, Texas. But I know many of you, my dear readers, are freezing your little butts off this winter. The funny thing about Austin is that I really never know what the weather is going to be like.

When I moved here, people said it still “got cold” come wintertime, and I believed it because, it definitely got cold when I was living in Baton Rouge. I know, all of the people north of me are sitting there, reading this and calling me a wimp. But, yes it still gets below 30 in the South, and it still stays humid, which makes it seem much colder.

Anyway, as the winter months arrived, the cold weather did not. It was still 70! Then, all the locals were telling me, oh, just wait until January and February. And, sure, we’ve had some nights in the 30’s, but not like what I was expecting. However, my apartment has two giant glass walls (basically big ass windows, it’s nothing fancy), and it gets freezing in there – but I still refuse to turn on the heat. I’m cheap, and it’s Texas. Period.

So, I’ve got 5 ways you can keep warm this winter! If Punxsutawney Phil is worth his salt, then we’ll all be romping around in our swimsuits in five weeks, amirite?

Get an electric blanket. It sounds so silly, but I asked for an electric blanket for Christmas, and I was really excited when I got it. You see, my bed is backed up against one of these aforementioned glass walls. And while it looks really cool, I didn’t expect my bed to be freezing when I slip between the sheets every damn night.

Enter: the electric blanket. Not only do I turn it on about an hour before I go to bed (in order to warm the sheets before I even touch them), but I also drag this thing to the couch when I’m ready for a TV binge. It is so cozy! Mine also has a 3-hour timer built in, so it shuts off automatically and you don’t wakeup sweating at 3am. I just love it!

Slip into slippers. I L-O-V-E slippers! I never really thought about my love for slippers until college, when you always have to have something on your feet in student housing. But I’ve been wearing slippers ever since, and I’ve got at least six pair in my closet as I type this. I’ve got ones with actual soles so I can wear them outside (don’t judge me), some that are super cozy and I may or may not sleep in them, and some that are just really cute.

DIY throat lozenges!
DIY throat lozenges!

Make something. Turning on the oven or the stove will make your house feel warm, and let’s face facts, who doesn’t feel better after creating something delicious? You should most definitely make Shrimp Ramen! Haylie Duff, from The Real Girl’s Kitchen has an awesome recipe.

Or… you could (and should) totally make your own throat lozenges. No, seriously! I saw a recipe in Bust Magazine and it looks surprisingly easy, and packed with cold-fighting properties.

Go for the warm accessories. Luckily, wool socks and thick beanies are in style this year, so none of us have to feel stupid when we step out in our winter’s finest. Blanket scarves have been everywhere this season, too – I wasn’t sold at first, but I bought one anyway and have had fun styling it different ways.

Down a hotty toddy. I hate Ole Miss, but I’ll take a hotty toddy any day of the week. Basically, it’s just a hot, spiked beverage, and who doesn’t love that? I found six recipes for toddies, and one of them is even from the Midnight Cowboy, right here in Austin! It’s a legendary bar, and I’d give you more details, but I got properly hammered upon entering.

What ways are you keeping warm in this cool snap? I’d love to say I hate it, but I love a good excuse to stay indoors and hunker down with a full DVR or a book! #AntiSocial

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