That ‘Nine Track Mind’…

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my latest celebrity crush is Charlie Puth – and he still is. I borrowed his debut album, “Nine Track Mind” from the library and listened to it for a solid month before purchasing it on my own. It’s delightful, in a traditional pop music way, and there are […]


My grownup Christmas list.

This isn’t about the Christmas song entitled “Grownup Christmas List”, where the singer (it’s been covered by many different ones over the years) wishes for world peace, healed hearts, togetherness, love, and friendship. Of course, I want ALL of those things + some. But, today I’m talking about my material Christmas list – what I […]


Pic of the week.

When I was younger, weather talk was boring—a sign that you had nothing else to talk about. But, when Al Roker told me the oh-so-frightening Polar Vortex was actually going to break off and come flying toward Baton Rouge at lightening speed, it became the topic of conversation at my office coffee pot. That damn […]