Pic of the Week.

Me and my mom at the ice skating rink!
Me and my mom at the ice skating rink!

My Pic of the Week is of me, and if you couldn’t guess from how similar we look, my beautiful mom! She flew to Austin from Indiana to visit me for the entire week of Christmas, and we really did a lot of fun things while she was here.

I had to work on that Monday, but she was able to do some shopping while I was at the office. Monday night, we hit up some TexMex at Lupe Tortillia (the shrimp tacos are on point!).

On Tuesday, I really wanted to make it a festive day, so we kicked things off with Christmas shakes at Shake Shack before hitting the ice rink on the roof of Whole Foods in downtown Austin. We used to ice skate together all the time when I was younger, but it’s been at least 10 (if not 20) years since I’ve been on ice skates. I was actually REALLY worried about us falling and breaking something or losing teeth.

But, shockingly, after skating around the rink once holding on to the rail, we both ventured off the wall and were skating like pros! Okay, not like pros, but we were doing great, and we didn’t even fall once! I’m still basking in the glory of that. And, it was really, really cool to be skating right in the heart of Downtown – during a sunset! Beautiful!

After ice skating, I surprised my mom with tickets to Zilker Park’s famous Trail of Lights – nearly 3 walking miles of Christmas light displays. While there were a TON of people there, it was really cool. They had Christmas-themed light displays, but they also had a Beauty and the Beast display (my mom’s favorite) and a Where the Wild Things Are display, among many others. It was neat!

On Wednesday, my mom treated us to an afternoon at Viva Day Spa. We had manicures and pedicures (complete with chocolates and wine), and organic facials. It was so, so relaxing, and I’m serious when I say that it was the BEST facial I’ve had. My mom even bought me some of the organic products they used on my face, including a Licorice Root serum that I’ve been slathering on daily, ever since! Good skin, here I come!

After our pampering, we drove to Lake Austin, where Mozart’s Coffee & Desserts hosts an annual Christmas light show! I’d heard wonders about this light show, but it was PACKED. I mean shoulder-to-shoulder people, all waiting for a light show that was synced to holiday music (if you’re following me on SnapChat @OrangeJulius7 you got to see most of it). Even though it was chilly, and we had to wait an hour to see it, the coffee and cheesecake was good, and the show was pretty dang cool.

On Christmas Eve, we stayed home (I’d had my fill of being around people) and watched Christmas movies, and enjoyed lots of wine. Of course, Christmas Day, we opened presents and ate way too much food – and my mom got me season 3 of House of Cards on DVD, so we binged on it and watched the first half of the season. Oops!

Saturday, we ventured back out, and I took my mom to The Oasis on Lake Travis. We enjoyed a wine tasting at Lakeview Winery, had beers at the brewery, and ate Mexican food at The Oasis Restaurant. It was a great day, and it even started to get chilly outside!

Unfortunately, my mom’s travel back to Indiana was less than stellar. As I write this, my mom is STILL sitting in the DFW airport, waiting to get on a flight home. Because of all the bad weather in Dallas over the holiday, more than 700 flights had to be rescheduled.

While sleeping in an airport definitely stinks, I’m glad she is okay. For more information on the storms in Dallas, or for ways to help the Dallas victims, visit the Dallas News.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is gearing up for New Year’s this week! It’s going to be a good one – I can feel it!

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