Pic of the Week.

Since moving, I’ve been anxious to get back on some sort of plan to tone up, and per usual, it hasn’t been easy. I joined a dance studio and have gotten into a pretty good routine of going to classes four times each week.

And although that’s good (plus it’s a really fun way to break a sweat), I know it’s only half the battle — diet being the other half. I usually do a pretty good job of eating healthy, because, well, I like healthy foods. And sometimes when you get into the meal prep… things get obsessive and frankly, I get really sick of eating chicken.

So, I’ve been eyeing a weight loss plan developed around protein shakes for awhile now, and I was just waiting for the right time for it to go one sale. Black Friday was my day, so I ordered Protein World‘s Weight Loss kit, which includes enough protein for 30 shakes, a shaker, a bottle of multi-vitamins, and a bottle of their “Slender Bend,” which is known to burn fat and speed metabolism.

I’ve been on the sauce for about a week now, and although I’m not much into weighing myself, I can tell you a few perks of the products that I’ve noticed so far.

For starters, the shakes are delish (and non-GMO)! I bought the vanilla to try, although they have lots of different flavors to choose from (I think I’ll try chocolate next). I mix mine with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and it’s definitely better than just mixing it with water.

The shakes are only 150 calories each, and contain 31 grams of protein (BAM), with just TWO carbs. How awesome is that?

For the weight loss plan, you’re supposed to drink two shakes a day in replacement of meals, eat one regular meal, and have healthy snacks, plus your Slender Bend pills and multi-vitamins.

What I really love about Protein World, is that, aside from it being a pretty affordable protein option, they regularly feature recipes on their blog — whether it’s ways to spice up your protein shake, or recipes for healthy meals and snacks. They also feature lots of celebs and models on their SnapChat, showing you how to make their favorite meals.

I’ll admit, I’m still being pretty lazy about cooking lately, so aside from my two shakes a day, I’ve been eating a hearty salad from Trader Joe’s, and snacking on grapes, nuts, and a protein bar, if needed. I usually do the shake for breakfast and dinner, while eating my normal meal for lunch (I find it helps to eat that before my dance class). But, tomorrow, I have a dinner party, so I’ll have my shakes for breakfast and lunch — it’s all about being versatile, folks!

Now that I’m sold on Protein World, here’s a few more of their products I’m hoping to try:

  • Hunger Buster Capsules
  • Teatox Capsules
  • Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil

I’ll keep you posted on other Protein World products I love — any diet-friendly items you’re loving lately?

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