Apps I’m obsessed with.

As some of you may know, I only joined the iPhone clan in March. I have yet to fully understand the obsession with these things (I really, really loved my Blackberry), and with the rollout of iOs 9 that completely fucked up my phone, I’m less than impressed.

But, there’s a few apps I’m loving lately that I think you might love, too!

  1. Receipt Hog. 

This little piggy allows you to take pictures of all of your receipts and earn money for them! Take pictures of receipts up to two weeks old, and earn coins depending on the money you spent. Well, you earn coins for money spent at convenience stores and drugstores, and then you get spins on the slot machine (which results in coins or prizes) when you spend money at department stores. The bummer? You don’t get coins or spins for restaurants or movies. However, it’s a super easy app to use, and you can turn your coins into cash via PayPal or an Amazon credit. Pretty sweet!

The cute thing is, the more you “feed” your Receipt Hog, the fatter and happier he gets (he even oinks)! And the bonus is, Receipt Hog keeps all of your receipts, so if you need one in the future, it’s right on file. Plus, it keeps a list of where you’re spending has gone. It’s helpful if you’re on a grocery budget.

Start off with free coins using my promo code: 

    2. Surveys On The Go. 

This is another money-making app, because I’m all about earning green in simple, easy ways. The Surveys On The Go app simply sends you quick surveys and you earn MONEY! Most of the surveys are $.50/each and they take about 1-2 minutes to complete. Some of the surveys are reviews, say for a movie, and you’d get $10, and I’ve seen one survey that was $20 (sadly, I didn’t qualify). In about three months of using this app, I’ve made $15. It’s a great way to kill time while you’re sitting at the Washatopia (oh wait, that’s just me).

    3. Uber.

Alright, I know this is nothing new, but I used Uber for the first time this weekend in Kansas City, and it was pretty great. Not only was my first ride completely free, but when I reviewed my driver (his car smelled like dog food and I wanted to puke), Uber apologized and gave me a $5 credit toward my next ride. My ride home that night was fantastic; the nicest lady ever was my driver; so the app redeemed itself. The cool thing is, the app is hooked up right to your credit/debit card, so you don’t have to worry about having cash.

Get a free ride with my promo code: hollyp109ue

What apps are you loving right now?

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