Apps I’m obsessed with.

As some of you may know, I only joined the iPhone clan in March. I have yet to fully understand the obsession with these things (I really, really loved my Blackberry), and with the rollout of iOs 9 that completely fucked up my phone, I’m less than impressed. But, there’s a few apps I’m loving […]


Dear Siri…

I’ve been living in Austin for two weeks now, and of course, I don’t know where ANYTHING is. I have to rely completely on Siri to get me anywhere. At first, I was really thankful for Siri. What would I do without her? Use MapQuest? No. So yes, at first, I was so thankful for […]


Texting & dating: how much is ok?

I have always suffered with this texting thing — mainly when it comes to dating. I feel like we were forced to accept it, and it’s ruined basic communication skills. Texting has made it easier for folks to lie, cheat, and just be downright rude. To years ago, I wrote a column for Dig magazine […]