Fresh Friday: Flower.

Smell the flowers!
Smell the flowers!

If you’re starting to get the winter doldrums on this Black Friday, try getting a whiff of Flower by Kenzo — this might just be spring in a bottle (minus the pollen). Upon first spritz, it’s floral of course, plus a little powdery. I really like this scent!

As described by Sephora, “Originally launched in 2000, this scent marked Kenzo’s invention of the poppy fragrance. At once soft and floral, notes of violet, vanilla, and rose flourish with sly giddiness. It’s a contemporary perfume for urban women who look to nature for inspiration and renewal.

Uniquely packaged in a bottle embossed with a poppy, both the scent and the flacon have become contemporary classics. As Kenzo’s commitment to nature continues to evolve, so has this iconic bottle: Flower by Kenzo is now refillable. An easy-to-use refill pouch ensures that each bottle can last forever. Flower by Kenzo. A flower in the city.”

With notes of Wild Hawthorne, Bulgarian Rose, Parma Violet, Cassia, Hedione, Cyclosal, Opoponax, White Musk, and Vanilla. And a style that’s powdery, floral, and contemporary.

Sounds about perfect!

And now for the real reason we’re all awake today: THE SHOPPING! If you’re like me, and not big into crowds with shopping carts, check out Amazon, because they’ve got some seriously great deals today! Here are some of my favorites:

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