3/50 Shades: Sheer Peach.

Carmex in Pink and Peach tint.
Carmex in Pink and Peach tint.

I’ve never really understood why women go to such lengths to change up their beauty routines when winter rolls around — until now. And yes, I know winter proper isn’t here yet, but it’s getting colder out and in turn, my lips are chapped.

Earlier this summer, I never left the house without my cute houndstooth tube of Carmex Moisture Plus, and now, Carmex has added two tinted versions of their Moisture Plus balm: Peach and Pink.

I purchased the “Sheer Peach Tint” version a few weeks ago as an add-on item to an Amazon order. While the packaging shows a typical peach color on the label, the actual balm is more red, like the center of a peach.

This translates well on the lip, meaning mega-color. Plus the moisture — this might be the perfect balm for winter!

Carmex Moisture Plus is made with Vitamin E, Aloe, Shea Butter, and features SPF 15 (bonus!). And did you know? Carmex doesn’t test on animals.

I really love this balm and the color it provides. It’s enough to be noticed, but not over-the-top. Wear it alone, or add some clear gloss on top for an extra pop!


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