Fresh Friday: Bliss.

I LOVE Bliss products!
I LOVE Bliss products!

Fresh Friday is here, and this week’s scent is spa-worthy as it is Bliss by Bliss, as in Bliss spa! If you haven’t heard of the spa, chances are you’ve seen, or perhaps tried one of their many skincare products.

Spa in a bottle
Spa in a bottle

Not to deter from the Bliss scent, but I do want to mention the products, as I’ve tried several of them, and I stand by them (no, I’m not getting paid to say this). They’ve got several different lines of products, from Fat Girl Slim (used it) and Fabulips, to Fabulous, Poetic Waxing, and No Zit Sherlock.

And then, there’s the scent! Bliss (the fragrance for women) was inspired by a mixture of essential oils that lives in the air at all of the Bliss spa locations. I had the pleasure of getting a pedicure and a fabulips service at the Bliss spa in Chicago, and it smells delicious in there!

Bliss has notes of bergamont, cucumber, lily, violet, and ylang-ylang. It has been described as “A spa in a bottle.” It has also been described as mood-boosting, fresh, hip, and modern.

If you want something clean, and light, this is your best bet!


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