End of Summer GIVEAWAY!

Farewell, summer...
Farewell, summer…

I know we still have (technically) another few weeks of summer left, but tomorrow I’m leaving for the beach with my two best friends, to bid another summer adieu.

Although I didn’t find love this summer, it was a good one — and fall is really my favorite time of year. Perhaps this fall will bring me some luck in the love department. Either way, I’m counting down the days until my book release — September 22 — the official start of fall!

I want to continuously thank you all for reading my blog, my column, listening to me rant and whine as I continue on my search for true love, and happiness within.

And so, with that, I’m giving away one of my Bitter Lemon TRUCKER HATS (#CatLady) — I’ve got a green one and a red/white/blue one that the winner can choose from!

Here’s how to enter. Leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite memory from this summer. Post the comment by Thursday morning (anytime before noon central time) and I’ll randomly pick a comment/writer to win a trucker hat.

Can’t wait to read all of your memories — happy commenting!


  1. aliciamshops

    A few too many to choose from, so I will just say: Laughing uncontrollably on trips. I was lucky to have many weekend adventures this summer, with and to see friends and each one included a moment, or a dozen moments, of tears-in-my-eyes-snorting-loosing-my-breath laughing and most of them happened on a beach, or a porch or patio…what’s more summer than the best moments ever, outside!

  2. Camille

    Hey Holly,

    Love reading all your pieces! Favorite memory this summer: Gulfport Music Festival. W-o-w.

    Gulfport Music was a 2 day fest in Mississippi right on the harbor. The previous year it had rained and the stage had sunk. The weather forecast this year wasn’t too much better. The first night was rained out with a deluge, canceling 90’s greats Third Eye Blind and Sublime. Sublime was so awesome, though, that they performed the next day in the first slot at noon. How cool of them!

    That second day was amazing. Surrounded by Mississippi’s finest tattooed, shirt free, non-ironic trucker hat wearing, creatively pierced citizens. A red neck dad with the tat “thug life” on his beer gut, the guy wearing full length overalls and no shirt, and the girl walking the entire muddy fest area in a white bikini and no shoes were my favorite attendees. Ting yang Twins and ludicris were highlights of the day, and closing out the fest was Kid Rock, who was surprisingly entertaining.

    To put a bow on an amazing experience, my crew witnessed, on two separate occasions, two people coming out of a single port-o-potty. Maybe you should write a piece on the logistics of a port-o-potty hookup….or…no, don’t. It was so gross.

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