My Elevator Crush.

Meeting the elevator.
Meeting people…in the elevator.

And no, I’m not being ultra-witty and taking about a crush that goes up and down. I’m honestly talking about a guy that I see on occasion, but only in my apartment building’s elevator.

Yeah, I probably need to get out more.

I’ve lived in my building for almost three years, and considering there aren’t many people that live there, I’ve met several people. Only two of them were hot guys.

This guy, who lives down the hall from me, I’ve only seen him around in the past year. Whenever he steps into the elevator from our shared second floor, he’s very friendly, and is usually wearing a suit.

I saw him once on the weekend wearing a complete biking uniform, and toting a bike, obviously.

I don’t know his name, but I know he works a lot, drives a silver Lexus SUV, and always pays his rent with a check on the first of the month.

Yeesh, I sound like a stalker.

The thing about coming across hotties in the building is… it’s never a good idea to date a neighbor, right? There’s always that chance things will go wrong, and then you’re stuck taking the elevator together until someone’s lease runs out.

The thing is, as I get older, I realize I’m making a list of all these places you CAN’T meet someone date-worthy—neighbor, gym, work, a bar—so where the hell can you meet someone?

While talking to a friend of mine, I suggested a bookstore or a coffee shop…but she brought up a good point—you still don’t know someone’s situation (i.e. if they are engaged, married, a serial killer, etc.).


This whole dating-after-college-while-living-in-a-college-town is a little bitch.

For now, I’ll just appreciate my non-awkward company on the elevator, and maybe I’ll even let him press the buttons.

Awesome outfit in the picture: BCBG Parade Pump, Slim-fit pencil dress, Vince Camuto Toggle bracelet


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