Guy code?

A few days ago, I was chatting with a girlfriend on Facebook when a random guy popped up in the chat box with a “Hey!”

This guy is the friend of someone I dated around three years ago. Me and his friend broke up because he was mean, argumentative, and a drug addict. Over the course of our (short) relationship, I did meet some of his friends, including Mr. Chat.

I said hello back, not knowing what was really going on there, and the conversation quickly spiraled into a direction I didn’t intend. Yeah, I know, I probably shouldn’t have talked to him if I wasn’t interested, right?

Before I knew it, Mr. Chat was asking me if I still talked to the ex, how long we dated, and if it was okay that we talked on Facebook. Just as I was clicking the tiny “X” on the chat box, he said, “Well cutie, better go. Would you be up for grabbing some coffee, tea, or dinner sometime?”


There is a girl code, that we will never date, hookup, sleep with, etc, any guy that our girlfriends have been with, or even liked. Why don’t guys have that same code?

Considering the reason that I broke up with Mr. Chat’s friend (drugs), I don’t plan on putting myself back in that circle, ever. So there’s problem #1. There’s also the fact that I don’t know him, don’t have an interest in knowing him, and also the fact that he lives in another state.

So no, I’m not up for coffee, tea, dinner, hell, I’m not up for anything that involves you. Not even a Facebook chat.

And yes, I deleted him.


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