The Lucky One II.

Last night, I ventured out around 11:30 (in my pajamas) to catch the midnight showing of The Lucky One…this is when living on top of a movie theatre really comes in handy.

I had been counting down the days until the premiere, for many reasons. 1., it was the first time I’d actually read a Nicholas Sparks book before the movie was even made, 2. Zac Efron is super, super fine, and 3., I love midnight showings.

Seriously, if the movie seems remotely interesting, and it has a midnight opener, I’m there. The crowd is always so much more attentive, and fun, since they are true fans.

Anyway, I was really excited to see this movie.

The Lucky One is the story of Logan Thibolt, a marine who just finished his third tour in Iraq. During his last tour, a few marines from his troop were killed from an IED, however Logan was spared because he went to pick up a photo he found in the rubble.

The photo was that of a blond woman, wearing a shirt that said “The lucky one.” Toward the end of his tour, Logan’s friend told him the picture had served as his lucky charm, and Logan owed a big thank you to the girl in the photo, whoever she was.

When he returns to Colorado, he goes in search for the girl, showing the picture to everyone as he walks across the country, ending up in the South (in the book, it’s North Carolina, and in the movie, it’s Louisiana).

He finds her, and applies to work for her, instead of telling her why he’s really there.

Can you guess what happens next?

Logan and the lucky charm, Beth, fall in love, but not without problems. Beth’s ex-husband and baby daddy, as well as small-town sheriff, makes things difficult when he tells Beth he doesn’t approve of her new boyfriend, and will take it out in the custody battle if necessary.

In true Sparks’ fashion, there are a few twists and turns that I’ll leave out here, but it makes for a solid movie.

And did I mention Efron is super, super hot? I think I’m still drooling.

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