Story Submissions.

As a reader of this blog, I have to assume you have some experience, or at least interest, in romantic relationships. I have joined thoughts with fellow writer and blogger Gina Gennari of “Just Married” to write a book about dating and relationships.
Although we have several stories between us, we need your input. Please share with us your dating/relationship stories, from meeting the guy/girl and first dates to tying the knot. We’re just as interested in “Happily Ever After” as we are endings and “Starting Over”; we want the great and fabulous, all the way to the bad and the sad. Tell us your story, what you’ve learned, or even any advice you might have to offer.
If we use your story, your level of anonymity is up to you. We can use a first name, initials or a pen name, but we will need your name and contact information just in case we have follow-up questions.
Feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email at

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  1. NG

    In high school we had these things called flower-grams (or something to that effect) around Valentine’s Day, sort of a fundraiser. Not sure if the ones I sent ever got there, but I would often send them anonymously. Looking back it is kind of funny to think about high school crushes I once had. To this day I’m not sure either H.P. or S.H. ever knew who sent them if they did get them. It wouldn’t have changed anything back then, or now, but it was nice to think for a brief moment about the smiles on their faces as I filled out the cards by Senior Circle.

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