Similar paths.

Anna Sofia Martin’s latest article on The Frisky really caught my attention: “8 Tips For Landing a Job or a Man This Valentine’s Day.”

While I’m not looking for either of those things, I’ve never thought about just how similar these two things are: job hunting vs. on the prowl.

Martin finds herself in a rare situation: dumped and laid off a week before heart’s day…and we thought simply being single was bad, sheesh! But I completely admire Martin’s positivity and courage to just go after what she wants.

One of my favorite tips is no. 5. Do I Want What You Want? Use your time together wisely for the must-do Q&A session.

This is something I feel I don’t do enough of, gauging what I want versus what the person or job is offering me.

What do you think? Do you approach the job hunt and the date search differently, or do you use similar tactics?

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