I hope it comes as no surprise that I’m a huge John Mayer fan.

While, it’s hard to ever pick out one favorite song of his, there are a few that stand out above the others. Those are songs that resonate somewhere deep with me; like he’s going through something the same way I am. Ask me any day of the week what my favorite Mayer song is and, depending on my mood, I’d probably say something different.

Years ago, I snagged this song, “Tracing” off a live album. I know I have good taste, but I don’t think I realized just how amazing this song was until I listened to it closer, recently. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solid video of him singing (there are plenty of covers, though) it, but check out the lyrics:

Do you ever get the feeling that we started in the middle, or have you ever had the sense that we’re been lying just a little? I mean come on. 

It’s not like we’ve known ourselves that long. 

And I can’t say I really blame you for being bored with the beginning, always staring at the score just to figure out whose barely winning, but don’t you know, there is a reason strong moves slow. 

And I’m okay, if you’re okay with wasting time, but when we trace, you always see the bottom line. 

We are tracing, I hope you know, we are tracing. 

And if you want to know the moment I knew that I was still alone, I found I never learned your number, I only stored it in my phone. You’d think by now, I know the shape of calling home. 

And I’m okay, if you’re okay with wasting time, but when we trace, you’ll always see the bottom line. 

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