Let the editing begin.

Hello readers! My chapter, “Checking Out” was the final chapter of my book—that’s right, I’ve completed writing the rough draft of How To Make Lemonade! It feels really weird saying that…but at the same time, it feels great. I wrote it months before the deadline I assigned myself, which is beyond me, really.

Now that the writing is done, let the editing begin. I am about to compile all of my chapters into one giant Word document (I’ve done all of my writing on this blog, alone) and print it for the first time. Then go through it with my red pen.

After I make the first round of corrections, I’m offering up the (still rough) copies to anyone who is willing to read it and help me edit it for punctuation and grammar, but mostly for content—I want people to love this book! Let me know if you’re interested in reading and editing it; I will figure out an electronic way to accomplish this!

In the meantime, I hope everyone had a yummy Thanksgiving and is enjoying themselves this holiday season.

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