Do I have a ‘Catitude’ problem?

“All you do is complain.” My coworker was standing in my boss’ doorway, yelling at me, while I was staring at her, my eyes wide while sipping coffee. Rewind this about two minutes and you’d have found us on the other side of our office suite. She’d asked me a question that I didn’t have […]


So, can we have it all?

I feel like I’m constantly going through, what John Mayer would call a “Quarter-life crisis”, when it comes to the state of my life. A few weeks ago, I talked to you guys about settling when it comes to our careers – what’s realistic and what’s… just the sad truth. “Having it all” is not […]


Pic of the Week.

Let’s just get this out of the way: today is my very first day at my NEW job! Finally! It’s no retail job, not a restaurant job, it’s a real-life, big-girl, 9-5, salary, career job! Telling you I worked really hard to get it would be the understatement of my life. Many of my longtime […]