What’s new for spring in my etsy shop!

I have still been working hard to stock my Etsy Shop with fun, festive, accessible digital products!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, my shop is all digital — meaning, you get everything delivered instantly to your email inbox. There’s no shipping charge or wait time, and once you buy the file, it’s yours to print or use digitally as many times as you want.

The thing I’m most proud of about the shop is that every single item (there are nearly 150 in there currently) is under $10. In fact, a majority of the items are under $5.

I stocked the shop with loads of holiday items, but it’s time for Spring! So, here’s what’s new in the shop:

A Printable Easter Bucket List

I love making these visual bucket lists, and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to make one for Easter. You can print this for gifting (it would be cute in an Easter basket) or use it digitally on a tablet or mobile device. It would also be cute framed, sitting on a kitchen counter.

A Printable Spring Bucket List

This isn’t necessarily a *new* item in the shop, but it’s one of my favorite bucket lists because of how colorful and fun it is! I love the simple joys of spring, like opening the windows and buying fresh flowers. Print this, use it, gift it, or use it digitally!

A Printable Easter BINGO card set

Looking for a family fun game to play on Easter? How about good ‘ole Easter BINGO! This is a set of six different BINGO cards that you can print or use digitally. Partake in a traditional game of BINGO, but instead of numbers, you mark off Easter traditions, such as “bunny rabbit,” “signs of spring,” or “Easter candy.” Create your own prizes, and you’re definitely in for a good time!

A Printable Rainy Day Bucket List

Of course, a rainy day can strike in any season, but they’re most common in the spring. What are we to do when a rainy day hits? Print off a timely bucket list, of course! The Rainy Day Bucket List has all sorts of action items, such as taking a virtual tour, looking for rainbows, and jumping in puddles, among others.

Depending on when you read this, there may be even MORE items for spring in the shop, so check it out!

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