Blanche’s Book Club: ‘Hello Molly.’

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I go in spurts with audiobooks, but I have one that’s worth your time: “Hello Molly” by Molly Shannon.

I loved seeing her skits when Molly Shannon was on Saturday Night Live. Her physical comedy was so funny!

But, I honestly didn’t think much about her otherwise. Since leaving SNL, I haven’t kept up with her career, and when I saw she was doing a media tour for her memoir, I didn’t think it would be worth reading.

I know, harsh, but I’m being honest!

However, the more I heard about her story via the interviews she was doing, the more I wanted to read the book. Then, I saw that she was the one reading her book for the audio version!

I got it from the library, and listened to a majority of it in one day.

The book opens with a story Molly shared in those interviews — that her mother, sister, and cousin, were killed in a car crash while her dad was driving. Molly and her dad were the only survivors.

This tragedy shaped her entire life, and led her into a comedy career. She talks extensively about the inspiration for the characters she brought to life on SNL and in movies.

I loved hearing the story about her doing the Mary Katherin Gallagher skit (superstar!) with Whitney Houston.

But, I really enjoyed hearing about the evolving relationship with her dad. I also got a kick out of how adventurous she was as a child.

In one chapter, she hopped on a plane to NYC without a ticket, spent the day there, and then couldn’t figure out how to get home!

Although there are some very sad parts to this book, I loved hearing how she overcame all of it.

If you’re at all a Molly Shannon fan, or an SNL fan, I definitely recommend this!

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