What’s New in my Etsy Shop!

I’ve been working hard to continuously post new items in my Etsy Shop, Bitter Lemon Digital.

Since I last mentioned it, I’ve added 20 new listings!

Ultimately, I want the shop to have at least 1,000 listings (dream big, right?). I certainly have enough ideas for it — I just have to make and publish all of those ideas.

But, I’ve currently got 120 listings, and I’ve got to start somewhere 🙂

Here’s what’s new in the shop:

Printable Bucket Lists

These are some of my favorite items in the shop because I can get creative with the theme and graphics. Some of the latest Bucket Lists I’ve added include the following:

  • Austin, TX
  • New York, NY
  • Martini
  • Wine
  • Hockey Season

I have ideas for so many more of these, so be on the lookout!

Frame TV Art

This is an entirely new item I’ve added — I know Frame TVs are becoming more popular, and I wanted to create pieces that would be unique!

I’ve added some seasonal art as well as some abstract pieces for any time of year.

Printable BINGO Cards

BINGO Cards were some of the first items I featured in the shop! I know it’s not a game for everyone, but I think the cards are so cute and perfect for the holidays.

I recently added a Self-Care BINGO Card set (which can be played alone) and a Bachelorette BINGO Card set!

Printable Gift Tags

I’m still revamping my “Gift Tag” section in the shop, but have added a few new designs.

I started creating tags as a way to add another personal touch to a homemade gift, but I realized that a homemade tag would be sweet, even if the gift itself wasn’t homemade.

So, I’ve added some new seasonal tags, get-well tags, and a fun “Space Kitty” design.

Digital or Printable Monthly Habit Tracker

This is another entirely new item! I even added an entire section in the shop because it’s the first of many trackers I want to create.

This is a tracker you can print or use digitally, but there’s one page for each month. Then, you can write in the habits you want to track and go from there.

I have been using one on my iPad and it encourages me to keep up with my daily habits!

That’s the latest in the Etsy Shop for now, but stay tuned for more new listings in the coming weeks!

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