Blanche’s Book Club: ‘More Myself.’

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I’m not sure if I mentioned it here, but yesterday wrapped up my time as a juror!

I was summoned Tuesday last week, jury selection lasted until about 1pm, and then we immediately started the trial that afternoon.

It was six days of testimony, and we deliberated yesterday and reached a unanimous verdict by mid-afternoon.

I’ll share more about my experience in a blog post later!

I’ve still been reading as much as possible, of course. And, I always want to shout out good audiobooks when I come across them, because I think they’re a bit tricky to find.

So, “More Myself” by Alicia Keys is definitely an audiobook you’ll want to check out.

This came out in 2020, but I’m not even sure I realized Alicia Keys wrote a book.

I’ve always loved her — I had the opportunity to see her live when she toured after her “Diary of Alicia Keys” album, which is one of my favorite albums EVER.

I got the audio version of this because its read by Alicia Keys, and i was hoping it would have music in it.

Not only does it have music in it, but it also has chapters read by their authors, including Jay-Z, Michelle Obama, Clive Davis, and even Alicia’s mom and dad.

Honestly, my jaw dropped when I heard Jay-Z reading his chapter — if you know, you know.

The book covers Alicia’s life from her childhood, the beginning of her music career, her relationship with Swiss Beats (he also reads a few chapters), age her other ventures (business-wise and charitable).

If you’re an Alicia Keys fan at all, you probably know that her energy and general attitude is so positive and zen.

The book is just like that, too!

I loved listening to this book. Not only was it just calming and cool to hear, but the stories were inspiring. It reminded me how much I love Alicia Keys!

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