Halloween Items in my Etsy Shop!

Is Halloween on the brain yet? I feel like I can tell what people are thinking based on what’s selling in my Etsy Shop, Bitter Lemon Digital, and it seems like some shoppers are skipping Halloween and moving right to Christmas!

Admittedly, I’m not a huge fan of Halloween (I get scared easily), but I certainly don’t think it should be skipped.

So, there are some Halloween items in my Etsy Shop that might be for you if you’re into getting spooky!

Printable Halloween Bucket List

This is one of my favorite Bucket Lists in the bunch!

This Bucket List is specifically for Halloween and has activities you can do alone or with friends and family. It would also be a cute gift paired with a gift card or a promise to do the activities together.

There are 25+ items on the list, each with a small illustration and a checkbox so you can keep track.

Like every item in the shop, it’s digital, so you get it immediately upon purchase.

Halloween Scary Movie Printable BINGO Card Pack of 6

This one is for ALL the scary movie lovers out there!

This is a set of 6 different BINGO cards, and each card has 25 squares on it, with 1 free space and 24 themed spaces created specifically with classic Halloween or scary movies in mind.

Each card is different, so you can play as a group or alone with multiple cards.

Book Club Discussion Journal Printable | Black Cat

Okay, so this one can technically be used all year long, but I created it with Halloween in mind, putting black cats in the background of every page.

This is a set of book discussion journal pages (sized 8.5 x 11 inches) that you can download, print, and use however you wish.

The first two pages of the PDF have space for you to write the book title you’re reading, along with the author and date of the book club meeting, if applicable. Then, I’ve written 16 book club questions that will work for any book. 

Printable Fall Autumn, Halloween, and Thanksgiving Gift Tags

This is technically a fall item, but there is one Halloween-ish gift tag, with a carved pumpkin and a black cat.

Each page has 1 tag on it — 1 design per page — but I’d recommend duplicating the designs when you print (6 or 9 copies per page makes for a good size).

It’s all whatever works for you. Use tape to secure to packages, or get creative with a hole punch and some ribbon.

Book Club Discussion Journal Printable | Alien UFO

Another item that can be used all year long: Alien and UFO Book Journal Discussion Pages!

The design is inspired by aliens (cute ones) and UFOs and has faded graphics in the background with neon green accents. Perfect for sci-fi lovers!

I am still adding more festive items to the shop, so check back often!

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