A Review: iHome Portable Lighted Vanity Mirror With Bluetooth.

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Hi there! I’m up early this morning, watching the memorial service for Queen Elizabeth II.

Since coverage will be airing all day, I’m doing some work from my iPad alongside a tray of tea and scones — I’m festive like that.

Anyway, I come today with a review that has nothing to do with the Queen: it’s the iHome Portable Lighted Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth.

I bought this from Ulta in July. I had a small lighted mirror that I’ve had for years, but really didn’t use it.

But, this year I’ve had a lot of issues with wearing contact lenses — it’s a long, weird story — so I’ve been wearing my glasses every day for months.

I never thought I would ever wear my glasses daily like I do now (I’ve had contacts for 20+ years), but that’s where I’m at.

The point is, I have really terrible eyesight. When I want to do my makeup, I have to take my glasses off and can barely see a thing.

So, I pulled out that old lighted mirror only to discover that, even with fresh batteries, the light was out.

I would’ve been more shocked if it DID work since I’d had it for so long.

So, I started looking for a new one. I knew it needed to have a light, and I didn’t want it to be magnified. Yes, I have bad eyesight, but I’d rather just hold the mirror close up, and not have any distortion.

I wasn’t sure if i wanted it to sit on my counter (with a stand) or be handheld. I really had never looked for a mirror, so I just started browsing to see what was out there.

I quickly settled on the iHome one, although it had mixed reviews.

The iHome Portable Mirror

It was on sale for a decent price, it was lightweight, had a light, and was rechargeable. It also connected to Bluetooth, which I thought was a nice touch.

Now that I’ve had it for awhile and have used it several times (every time I do my makeup), I can speak on it.

It is light, which is nice because I do pick it up and hold it close with one hand as I do my makeup.

It’s got a box shape, and it has a kickstand that either lays flat or you can pull out to set the mirror up on a counter. I usually just lay it flat because of my eyes, but if you have a vanity and want to keep it standing, you could.

The light is great — not too bright. It also automatically shuts off after 15-20 minutes, which is good so the battery doesn’t run down.

I’ve used the Bluetooth to listen to music and podcasts while I get ready, which I really like. I haven’t used it for phone calls, but you can.

The battery lasts 26 hours, which is really nice. It also comes with a cloth to wipe the mirror clean. There’s really no “frame” so it does get fingerprints on it.

When I bought this, i didn’t anticipate using it for travel, but it’s light enough and small enough to — so i probably will!

At full price, the mirror is $50. I feel like that’s a little pricy, however I’m not well-versed in what else is on the market.

I do wish, for that price, that it came with a travel case. However, if you can catch it on sale, I think it’s a great mirror.

It was on sale when I bought it, and I think it was around $40. If you get it from Ulta, you could also use Rewards points to lower the cost.

All in all, a fine purchase. I’m really glad it will travel, and is small to put away.

Do you use a handheld mirror?

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