My Dream Setlist for Andrew McMahon with Dashboard Confessional!

Tonight, I am finally going to see some live music at Stubb’s! Stubb’s is an iconic live music venue in Austin — that also serves BBQ and cold beer — and I’ve always wanted to see a show there.

So, when Andrew McMahon announced that Stubb’s was one of the stops on his upcoming tour with Dashboard Confessional, I was so excited!

It feels like forever since I bought my ticket, but now the day is here, and I can’t wait until showtime.

I have been following Andrew McMahon since his time with Something Corporate (“Leaving Through the Window” will forever be one of my favorite albums).

I like his music from Jack’s Mannequin, too — McMahon is just a talent overall. I have had the pleasure of seeing him with Something Corporate, but also on the road solo.

I actually went to his drive-thru tour during the pandemic. It was literally a stage in a parking lot, and everyone just watched from their vehicles.

Seeing live music that way was not for me, but I appreciated the effort that was made to keep live music going during such a difficult time.

I’m looking at tonight’s show as a way to make up for that experience — on my end, he did nothing wrong — and the stars are lining up just right.

Not only do I get to see Dashboard Confessional for the first time (2003 Holly is freaking outtttt), but McMahon announced that tonight’s show will also be streamed live.

This can only mean one thing: “Konstantine.” RIGHT???

Okay, I don’t want to jinx it, so I’m just going to get into it, my dream setlist for tonight — including songs from Dashboard. I’m not sure what the setup will be like — if it’s an opener situation or what.

Here’s to hoping:

Dashboard Confessional

  1. As Lovers Go
  2. Vindicated
  3. Screaming Infidelities
  4. Shirts and Gloves
  5. Hands Down

Andrew McMahon

  1. Stars
  2. House in the Trees
  3. Fire Escape
  4. Everything Must Go
  5. New Year Song
  6. Dark Blue
  7. So Close
  8. Penelope
  9. Ohio
  10. Get on my Wave
  11. Bruised
  12. Teenage Rockstars
  13. Cecilia and the Satelite (*encore*)
  14. Konstantine (*encore*)

… A girl can dream, right??

I’ll see how much of my wish comes true tonight!

PS. I started reading McMahon’s memoir, “Three Pianos,” this morning, and so far, it’s fantastic.

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