New in my Etsy Shop: Printable Bucket Lists!

As I continue my job hunt, it certainly feels weird not to work. For the first time in 15 years, I have no full-time job and ZERO freelance clients!

Of course, I spend most of my 9-5 hours looking for and applying to jobs, attending virtual networking events, and working on this blog. The days actually go by pretty fast!

While it’s strange to not be producing “work,” this is the first time I’ve had a chance to load up new listings in my Etsy Shop, Bitter Lemon Digital.

I opened my shop in 2019, and have been slowly adding listings as I could. But now, I’ve got a goal to get 100 listings published by September 1… and I’m almost there!

My latest handful of listings includes Bucket Lists!

A “Bucket List” (in this case) is basically a checklist of things to do. I started by making a Bucket List for each season: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

Each Bucket List is an 8.5 x 11-inch PDF with at least 25 things to do, and each activity has an illustration.

These lists turned out so cute if I do say so!

All of the items in my shop, including the Bucket Lists, are instant downloads — no waiting for shipping! You can print them or use them on your devices.

You can also choose your print size and color (or in black and white) and you own the document, so print it as often as you want! These would make cute gifts paired with a gift card or something on the list.

For example, you could gift the Fall Bucket List with a coffee shop gift card for a pumpkin spice latte.

I am also adding holiday Bucket Lists to the shop this week, so keep your eyes open.

My Halloween Bucket List!

There are a few other bucket list ideas I have that will pop up shortly, too.

Since I’m working toward 100 listings, you’ll also be seeing new items such as Book Journal Discussion Pages and BINGO cards 🙂

Check out the shop today!

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